Sanctuary on the Crown Princess



I just discovered that there is a fee to use the Sanctuary but there are some benefits. Has anyone used it?
what were the "perks"?
would you do it again?
were there lines/was it peaceful?
was there a separate charge for the yoga in the evening?
Thanks - we're sailing 01/27/07

Gayle V

Hello Cakeller, I'm hoping someone here will have an answer for you, as I am curious too. I found this info on the Emerald Princess' Sanctuary:

Princess describes the Sanctuary as "an adults-only pocket of tranquility", and the description is perfect. The deck chairs are plush and padded, the area has both shade and sun, and the service is wonderful. Located forward on deck 17 above the Lotus Spa, the Sanctuary also offers beverages, light meals, massages, and personal entertainment on MP3 players. I think the Sanctuary is a terrific idea, and the $10 per half-day charge (8 am to 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm) is a small price for those seeking solitude or a quiet getaway.
Sorry but I certainly can't agree with the person who wrote that. It actually makes me a little angry to think that Princess is extorting money from passengers for the simple privilege having a quiet place to sit. And ten dollars for a mere 4 hours of just sitting in a lounge chair is utterly ridiculous. ::eek:

I even wonder if those "light meals and beverages and personal entertainment" are included? I'd bet the massages, that are mentioned in the same sentence, are certainly not free. Because if massages are included, it would likely cost a lot more.

So just what would you get for that money? I sure hope there are SOME other quiet places on that ship. It would be one sorry cruise if there are not. Most other ships have lovely quiet places to relax, that don't cost extra. And you can get free food and limited beverages at the buffet. So what's the ten dollars get for you?

I'm curious to hear.


I sort of think about it the same way I do about the so called "premium" restaurants that have charges. Why pay when you can get food for free in the dining rooms or at the buffet??? I think people do it for the slightly more upscale service, the better food and the change of ambiance. They will do the same thing to take advantage of The Sanctuary.

I intend to try out The Sanctuary in February when we cruise on the Emerald Princess and find out for myself whether I think it is worth the extra charge. You never know until you try.

Just as a side note-one of the worst ever meals (and there have been very few bad meals) I have ever had on a ship was on the Golden Princess Amigos cruise when we dined in Sabatini's one evening. It was dreadful for a number of reasons. I really resented having had to pay for that one!


I went on the Sanctuary on the Emerald. There is part of it partitioned off by 'glass' panels where the 10 dollar passengers lounge on sunbeds with thick mattresses on. The staff continually bring iced water and fruit to you. It is peaceful. There is a pool that has a wave action if you wish. The other half of the deck is for non-paying passengers and they have access to the pool too. I didn't think about the cost as I just wanted to experience it. Having thought of it now, no, I wouldn't say it was worth it. There are loads and loads of places to sit and be quiet. The sanctuary by the way isn't a deck the length of the ship its a sort of at the top of the ship and near the front, when you look at the ship it raises up above the full decks as do some of the decks aft.
It is adults only but to be quite honest there were 700 children on our cruise and I only ever saw about six of them. It is so quiet and uncrowded, it's as if there's a handful of passengers on board, there's so much room.
If you want everything and total peace as well, go aft and through the Adagio bar and there's a pool which no one seems to discover until the last day. There's a nice bar with fountains. You can look right over the back of the ship and watch the wash. marvellous


For the ladies....I would recommend the crystal blast facial. It costs about 120 dollars. (I'm from UK so it worked out at about 60 pounds) I had one and it knocked off about ten years at least. Many wrinkles disappeared. I asked her what chemical peels were like and she said the treatment I was having was better. Don't buy any of the creams she lists afterwards though, they cost about 1200 dollars altogether I was warned about that before I had the facial so I politely declined saying that my family were on board and that they wished to buy me them and they'd come in later in the week to her.
You should have about one crystal blast treatment about four times a year.....because you're worth it:thumb

P.S. I forgot to say on my last post, there's only about eight sunbeds partitioned off at $10 on the sanctuary. So it is secluded and perhaps good when you're at sea for the day. You can feel the ship's movement more on the top decks though, but that doesn't affect me.


Another thing which I only discovered on the second week (there's so much to see/do) Is on deck 7 (emerald) go outside and there's a walkway that goes all around the ship. There's no one there and there are seats if you wish to rest. I can't remember now but it's something like, if you walk round it three times, you have walked five miles! Good exercise. With all the good healthy food I ate and with walking, I'd lost nearly a stone at the end of 12 days. Plus my facial, I came back looking about 50 instead of mid sixties