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Santorini, Greece



I went to Santorini a few years ago with my mom and stayed there for 4 nights. Just walking around the town and shopping and eating and drinking and looking at the views were enough to keep us busy. We rented a car and drove all over the island. Skip the excavations.....unless you REALLY like that kind of thing. The beaches in the south are great. The sunsets are awsome.

Spledour of the Seas 10/18/03


We were there in August on the Millennium...
In the morning, we took the Akrotiri Museum and Wine Tasting shore excursion...It took us to a mountain viewpoint, to a small local winery and to the Akrotiri Musem in Thira, including transportation by bus up and around the island and by cable car down (ticket to be used at our leisure at the end of the day) in a half day tour...You can do these sites yourself as well, but you'd need to arrange all of the transportation and logistics...and it was a bargain at a mere $56 per person...The Akrotiri museum is in the town of Thira but contains relics from the archaeological site at the southern tip of the island...You can go to the site itself on your own...eitherby bus, taxi or with a rental car...The city of Thira is the main town and has a lot of small shops and some nice restaurants with striking views of the caldera's "lake" (The island and two islands across are the remnants of the caldera of an ancient volcano...Santorini is a crescent shape, making up half the volcano)...
The town of Oia, at the northern tip , is also charming with shops, etc...we made our way to the windmill at the tip of the island (it houses a bar) and had a local beer...
The star of the island is th island itself--the scenery, the striking views from many points along the caldera rim, the wonderful chalk white architecture and the set-up of the island--virtually nothing is at the coast...steep cliffs everywhere with the villages and towns atop the cliffs...

It is beautiful...enjoy...


Santorini is the best choice for summer holidays! There are many places to visit! For example you can visit the Ancient Thera that is located in Kamari or the Ancient City of Akrotiri. You can view the unique sunset from Oia! Also you can visit the red beach in Akrotiri. If you need more information about Santorini you can visit this web site:


This site helped me to arrange my holidays last year!

Have fun!