Sapphire Princess Circle Hawaii 2011

YAY:clap:, we're booked on the Sapphire Princess Circle Hawaii cruise January 29, 2011. My generous parents are taking all us siblings and grandkids. We're very excited. My kids will be 7 & 11 at the time of the cruise. We are very active and we've traveled extensively with the kids.

My question is...shore excursions. We want to do a couple that the kids will really get a kick out of. But also, my mother can walk, but not A LOT. We will be utilizing a wheelchair. Any suggestions for keeping everyone happy.

I've spent a lot of time on the Islands in my past life (single-college girl days), so I do know my way around a bit. Do you think just getting a cab at the ports would be safe or is it best to go with an organized tour to maximize the fun?

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Given the size of your Group I would say it may be wise to get a car or van of your own at each port. Obviously U know the area from a previous visit and with a bit MORE research on the internet U can plan your own day out accordingly. :doubleup: Of course for those days where the time in port is tight I would MOST definitely recommend a ship excursion. Enjoy the preparation for Hawaii and your getaway. :clap:


Onw word of advice abt Hawaii in Honolulu the traffic is horrible the main roads move very slow at times from traffic. i know the bus we were on for our excursion through ship was very adept at findi8ng back roads and missing theavy snarls of traffic. Son was military driver in Hawaii for several years he said no way he would want to be doing that now We enjoyed our excursion through Carnival.
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How was the cruise? Were there many other kids on the cruise? We are traveling in December with kids under the age of 8 and I was wondering what to expect... Also, which excursions did you end up doing? would you recommend any?


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I'm wondering about Hawaii also. I've been there twice by flying and renting a car. First trip was O'ahu and the Big Island and secong was Big Island and Kaua'i. The only thing great about the big island is a fantastic hike across Wamaia Valley. I think I'm still in good enough shape to do it but it was about 20 years ago.

anyway - enough reminicing. What my main question is - are there cruise lines that take you from e.g., Honolulu to some of the other islands and allow enough time for some hikes or do they generally stay for just a few hours for shopping and a little picture taking? We may continue the system of flying and renting cars but we also enjoy cruises and thought that might mitigate the cost of flights between islands and renting cars.

We're thinking maybe a couple of weeks, but would entertain any suggestions. One of the couples that we travel with is retired. I'm still working but could take as much as a month off if needed.