Sapphire Princess June 20, 2010 Alaska


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Hi All

I am new here and have booked mini-suite E729 on the Sapphire Princess out of Seattle for a 7 day Alaska cruise.

Wife and I are newly retired, last cruise was almost 20 years ago :(

So, I am looking for tips. I already filled out our paperwork on-line, pre-booked land excursions, massages for two the 2 days we are at sea.

What else might I look into doing in advance that will help us enjoy our trip?

Thank you in advance



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Hey Bob,

Shouldn't you think about getting a cruisetour instead of just cruise? Last time, 2008, I went for cruisetours.. it's definite worth it. Starting from fairbanks to anchorage for 8 day tours, then cruise for 7 days to vancouver, B.C. then seeing famous butchart gardens, (55 acres!)


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Thanks for the suggestion but, we spent the summer of 2008 in our Motorhome in Alaska so we lived the land tour and it was wondferful ! With a 45 ft. motorcaoch we decided not to try to get to the small towns we will see on this cruise.


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send yourself a couple of bottles of champagne...............

we book E725 but on the Mex Riviera cruises, those are great cabins, only mini suites with a covered balcony and a great quiet location, if you take a laptop, there is a hot spot 20 feet away, killer signal. the only thing beyond you are suites so minimal traffic.


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Thank you that is a good idea.

Anyone else care share some wisdom of little secrets you found out or "gee i would do this next time when I take a cruise on Princess"?

For 25 years I travled for Hp in sales and learned lots of hotel and airline things, but, Hp never let me rent a cruise ship for my business trips :(
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:smile:...If you and the Missus like "specialty coffees" cappuccino ,lattes, and the like..when you get on board head to The International Cafe at the Atrium areas..they sell a "coffee card" which is a huge value, and we always purchase a Princess coffee taker( we use them here at home..).it's a deal when you get the card..the cards do NOT OUTDATE, and you can bring them to another cruise of our "treats" is a sit down at the cafe and just park, and the yummo desserts/cookies/bites of treats there are also unbelievable and FREE.just people watching and the windows to gaze out to sea are so sublime..enjoy!!
their coffee is free in the Horizon Court and other places ...but specialty coffees are something we NEVER get here at it really is vacation perk to wallow in the time relaxing for us...Happy cruising!!...Joanne
Soda Cards are also a decent value at ~ $4.50 per day if U are a soft drink lover. :doubleup:
Where do you get them? I've looked everywhere on the princess web site. Do I have to wait to purchase them onboard? Other lines I was able to pre-purchase them and the excursions, but I noticed things are different because I can only pre-book excursions, not pre-pay for them.