Sat Chemo update: would you pls donate blood in honor of Elliott?



Note from Mariposa: this is CIndy's Sat update, as you can see, the blood bank in in short supply of blood right now. Would you please consider donating blood in honor of Elliott?

I am sitting in the hospital with my baby. He is not doing well. Very sick to his stomach and crying. It is all due to the chemo but is so hard to watch. The biggest reason I can remain strong is because Elliott is strong. When Elliott is not well, I lose a lot of my strength. He will probably remain this way for several days. The nurse just came in and he will be getting two bags of blood today. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give blood to your local blood bank or drive if you are able. Blood is in short supply and I never want to come across a situation where there was not any available for him. You will be helping someone and that alone should be your reason for going. I will be heading home in a few hours and daddy is coming back in. It is so good that we work so well together through all this.There is always someone with Elliott while the other is holding down the fort at home. That is all I have for now. I am typing on a pillow and it is not all that easy. Take care and please make your appt to give some blood....we ALL appreciate it.


Oh, poor Elliott...I can relate....chemo is the wrath from Hell as far as I'm concerned. I feel his pain, and his tears.

I sure hope they can try some of the newer anti-nausea drugs, keep trying, something may help him there.

And I wish I could give blood, they won't let me, since my cancer. So sorry....but I will ask some of my dear family.

You take care....and God Bless


Gosh reggae, what a perfect description of chemo. I've been thinking that anyone who hasn't been through it just can not imagine the agony. Then I thought of this: remember that the chemotherapy is a mixture of drugs meant to kill all the fastest growing cells in the body, mainly the quickly multiplying cancer cells.But it also destroys some of the body's essential cells as well, like the entire immune system, normal stomach and mouth linings and excretions and the hair follicles, etc. So in essence, the body is being poisoned. Just remember back to the last time you experienced a little food poisoning and multiply those reactions many times over. That's what chemo can do to a body. AAAGGGHHH

Sorry to be so graphic, but I too feel Elliott's pain because this extra strong round is meant to prepare his body for his bone marrow transplant. He will even be receiving a full body dose of radiation pretty soon to kill off all his own defective bone marrow before he can receive that life saving infusion of healthy marrow from that saint who is ready to come to the rescue.

Hang in there Cindy and Dan. I know this is tough on all of you. Elliott, I'm so proud of you my friend. I know that you are strong this time around and please remember that it will soon be over and then you can go home to your own bed. Love ya kiddo.

Your comrade in this very tough battle, Mariposa


I wish I could donate in his name but can't give blood either because of drugs I have to take. But I am thinking about Elliott and all he endures.

Is there any word on a donor?

Gayle V

So sorry that it's so difficult for him. Chemo is never any fun, but what he's having now is even harder. Does the Zofran not help his nausea at all ? We usually have such good luck with it for the chemo patients at work.

(As for the blood, I too wish I could donate, but I'm also not allowed due to all the drugs I take, but even more so because I always remain somewhat anemic. The last time I tried to donate, years ago, they turned me away. And I had higher counts then, than I do now.)


Mari, I wish I could, because I would. But also being a cancer kid, you know, I cannot :(

Prayers continue for Elliott and family.


Thanks all...He is on zofran and the doctor is going to start him on another drug as well, though the name escapes me. His first cancer, the zofran worked great. Not so well with this one. Asked about the donor everyday since we went back in and still no word. Dr Hayani thought it would be this week..hope so as my confidence is fading a little bit.


Having seen Jan go through this, I can only imagine how much worse it is for a kid. My heart just breaks for him. Sara and I have a blood donation scheduled for Thursday at 3pm at our local Elk's club. My BP is VERY good because I've been taking Ameal BP (if you have hypertension that is under control, you should consider taking this. Check it out on for the best price. Not cheap, about 80 cents a day, but VERY effective. My super high BP was 117/73 the last time I checked!) so that should not be an issue.


Boy, a kid his age should be enjoying life and not enduring such medical problems. I'm so sorry he is once again having to battle this demon. I wish him an easy journey from here on out and a successful treatment.

Heartland Blood called me a few weeks ago for a donation because of an area shortage and I responded immediately. So I cannot give again till November.

What kind of medical donation is Elliott needing?


LadyJag, not sure exactly what your donation question is referring to ~ but when a person with Leukemia (especially a child) has a relapse it often returns into an even stronger form of the disease that requires a bone marrow transplant to be able to survive. The Aldrichs are awaiting news of a suitable bone marrow donor so that Elliott can get on with his much needed surgery and treatments.

About the medical financial donations, a fund has been set up to help out with medical and living expenses. You can follow Cindy's signature link directly to the website, or Hucc's link to a separate fundraiser page to see more info. Elliott's caringbridge web site has a specific donation feature that you are welcome to explore.

Tks, Mari


I used to give blood all the time they wont let me anymore due to the asthma and hbp meds I take,but my kids give all the time,Jacob even gives plasma,I wish I could send you some,what is his blood type,hope its not real unusual so he gets a lot.


I too cannot give blood because my veins are real small run slow so if they are able to get the needle in it takes forever and usually clots. I just talked to my dd and she will give blood instead of me.


:wave Although we are downunder, I have asked friends to go to the Blood
Drive in our suburb. They at least will be able to help people here.
Like many of you, I am not allowed to give blood because of my surgeries.


I am on a lot of medicines myself but none of them are on the list so I am allowed to give. I however have a very rough time as my iron level never seems high enough. I eat total, take an iron pill, eat liver, etc all in the attempt to give. Sometimes I can, sometimes no. And I cry when they say no as I go around recuriting yet cannot always participate. If everyone who cannot give gets someone else to go, you are still doing your part. I thank all of you for whatever it is you are doing to help others in need.


Cindy, have they ever considered using one of the non blood plasma expanders, for instance, epotien? (sp)

We have an entire hospital here in St lOuis that does non blood medical treatments, and even surgery. {They say that patients with the expanders who have open heart surgery recover faster and have fewer chances of rejection}.

I don't know if they can treat leukemia with those, it was Just a thought.