Saturday Open House


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Pucci and I decided to awaken you once again with a scene of tranquility and invite you to spend another Saturday with us.

Ocean and beach are a short walk, there are loungers IN the water as well as surrounding the pool - a lovely venue in which to spend the day with your 2-footed and 4-footed friends.

Pucci will still be lending me a, paw. As always, he and I are your hosts for the day.

What may we offer you? Since I'm logging off now to get some zzzzzzz's, I'll have my chamomile citrus tea. You?

Krazy Kruizers

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lovely place -- wonder if that is where hal got the idea of having the loungers in the water?

being as it is early morning -- i'll just have ice water
meow! Hi.

My grandpa, Charles, told me this is a good place to play and meet friends on Saturday and Sunday. Looks nice; but is that WATER? YUK!

There ARE lots of places to play and hide though. I'm going to explore.

Horhei (my real name is George--like Curious George)


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Good morning all and what a lovely place to spend the day. I am so going to enjoy those loungers in the water later today. I will have a cup of tea and relax while Hunter goes off to romp with Pucci. I'll be back later for some afternoon refreshments and a swim in that glorious pool. Might have to take a walk to the ocean later on also.


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Mornin' Shipmaven and Pucci!! Well, you've done it again, found us a lovely spot to while away the day. :thankyou:

I believe I will start out with a nice triple shot cappuccino, with Lots of honey and frothy milk.

I'm over in the shade on the upper right of our venue if anyone wants to come over.

Happy-Happy!! :sunny:


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No thank you, Charles. It is nice to see you up and moving around so well and I hope you are having a great morning. :sunny:


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Good morning. Another beautiful spot that Mary Ann and Pucci have found.

I'll start the morning with a SF cinnamon dulce latte please. Zsa Zsa has gone off with Pucci for scritches and playtime. I have brought some anniversary cake to share with everyone today as Jules and I are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary today.


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Welcome, @ll - as I sip my double cappuccino!

Pucci and I must jump ahead to wish Marie (Whimsy) and Jules a very Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary. :cheer: May you have many happy returns of the day! Here is your sugar free cinnamon dulce latte. Enjoy. ZsaZsa and Pucci met up, Pucci escorted her to Charles, gave her a bowl of water and treats...and they're playing on the lawn. BTW, the cake is delicious. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Yonnie - one never knows from where good ideas are swiped! Here is your iced water. Sit back and enjoy for now - you know there will be GG's waiting for you and Joe later on.

Good morning, Charles and Horhei. Pucci is delighted that his little pal is here as well. Pucci has served Horhei his water and catnip, and we're happy to see that you've had your tea...and...a second helping. Just sit back and get your scritching arms limbered up, Charles. We'll bring your refreshments from here on out today.

Linda - glad to see you settled into one of the water loungers. Pucci brought Hunter over to Charles for morning scritches, gave him his bowl of water and treats...and they are enjoying romping on the grass. Here is your English Breakfast tea for now. Please enjoy.

Corky - good morning to you. We'll get you up with a nice triple shot cappuccino, with lots of honey and frothy milk. (I'll have to try some with honey). Yes, there's a nice combination of sun and shade today. Sit back and enjoy.

Jeanie - welcome. Find a nice lounger and we'll bring you your cappuccino. Enjoy.

Donna - dsw

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Good morning everyone! That place looks nice and warm! What the heck - let's start with a Bloody Mary - - Wonder Woof - love your snow globe effect!


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Oh Mary Ann, what a lovely spot, especially since it's not raining! It's wet here again, so I will bask in the sun and chat with my friends. I'll wander over to the bar and order myself a nice cappuccino. Kiefer is happy to have a bowl of water and play in the doggie pool with his buddies. He loves cats, so he say HI to Horhei, and try not to shake off near him!


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Donna - so happy you could join us. Find a comfy spot and we'll bring your Bloody Mary. Tabasco on the side so that you can spice it to taste. Enjoy. Pucci says WOOF for liking his water globe!

Glo - we're happy you and Kieffer could get away from your water-logged part of the country. Pucci ran to Kieffer, escorted him to Charles, gave him his bowl of water and treats...and they're having a good romp on the lawn. Looks like Kieffer has a lot of pent-up energy. Here is your Cappuccino - please enjoy.


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(Pent up energy isn't the half of it! That poor guy wants to be out so badly... When we open the door he runs outside, and turns around and comes right back in! Then we get the MAKE IT STOP! look...)


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Good morning all. Thought I'd drop by to start the day with a Caramel Latte. Cloudy here this morning so this place is much nicer.

Susan is flying home from a week-long conference in Atlanta so when she gets home we'll be back for our usual evening visit.

Hope everybody has a great day. :sunny: