Saturday Open House


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Charles - looks like you've got some thirsty takers for those Rum Punches you've made. Thanks for the help! :clap:

Erik - why yes, our Open House venue is somewhat warmer than your home area. Pucci ran to greet Molle, escort him to Charles and he has enjoyed a bowl of water and treats before joining the other furbabies. The loungers in the water are very popular today - stretch out and relax before going for a swim. I'll have 2 regular black coffees and 30 years old Glenfiddich ready for you after your swim (we've got to keep both legs balanced!). I think people are sneaking in the pool quietly, without telling you. :whistle: I see where the price of liquor in Sweden in still astronomical. I remember when we still had our family business and would visit any of the Scandinavian countries, the most appreciated gifts were bottles of our business associates' favorite liquor. That was in the days before airline restrictions. By the way, 30 year old Glenfiddich is under US$300.00/bottle here.

Tobyn - Pucci is so happy to see Timber and Rylee. He brought both of his friends to Charles for scritches, and both are now enjoying their bowls of water. Pucci thanks them for the treats and is sharing them with the donors and other furbabies. Even Timber is off and running with the others (perhaps the catnip??) I'm delighted that you like our venue. Here are your Mic Ultra, Captain Morgan and Diet Pepsi for Bread and KT, and a Bud Lite for Gavin. Please enjoy!

Dot - what a pleasant surprise to have you join us. I hope you're enjoying Sedona despite the cool weather (we blame it on California! :whistle: ) Of course there's Rum Punch left - a new batch was just prepared. Enjoy!


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Well the work day is done and Susan is back from Atlanta (much to Ginny's delight) so we wanted to drop by for our evening visit.

Boy that Charles makes some goood rum punch.

We'll have our usual Mary Ann. :beach:


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Linda - thank you for joining us. Rum Punch seems to be a favorite today - I'll thank Charles at Open House tomorrow. We may just add "Barista" to his scritching duties! Here is a tall Rum Punch for you - sit back and enjoy.

Charles - thank you for all your help today. See you tomorrow!

Michael - happy that you, Susan and Ginny could stop by. Pucci is always delighted to see Ginny, and brought her a bowl of water and treats. There's plenty of Rum Punch left - here's a tall glass for you, and a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio for Susan. Relax and enjoy!
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The punch was delicious, many thanks to Charles. Yes we are indeed enjoying Sedona,and the weather has really not been that bad once we weathered Mondays stormy weather until today, and the forecast is looking better for next week.We enjoyed walking in Old Town Scottsdale last week. The weather was perfect for the two days we were there..I was sorry I missed you when I called.


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Whew, we finally made it! I've been in "throw away mode" all day and that makes Leon nervous (so far, he's safe). I believe he needs a very tall glass of Charles' rum punch. I would love a Chocolate Banana. Shall I bring one for you Mary Ann? Bandit and Cocoa ran to see if Charles is still around and if he's still okay for a few scritches before they go play with Pucci and the rest of the furkids. Bird Baby Joey is looking for potato chips in your pocket. He had never shown any interest in them until yesterday, but he kept fussing at me until I gave him one. Loungers in the pool - let me at 'em!


Awaiting results of mental evaluation

Heading in to the hospital in about an hour. Last shift ... Whoo-Hooo.

SunFlower and I are heading to the DC area Monday. Staying a week and doing a house hunting thing. Also going to play tourist. SunFlower has never been to DC, so wants to see everything. Looks like I'll be playing geographical batchelor for a few months until the team relocates ... Heard from my new office today. Spoke with the boss and with my mentor. I am SO looking forward to this ...


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Thank you Mary Ann!
The most expensive Whisky I have tried so far. And not only one, but two! :boogie:

As you know the taxes are rather high here for liquor. They say that it will stop us from drinking too much but I don't think that helps.
One of the reasons so many travel between Sweden and Finland on the ferries is the duty free liquor onboard (even though the ferries traffics between EU countries).

I think it's time to go to sleep. I have just set the clocks forward one hour as we have "summer time" here now. As they tell us this should be done at 2AM I had to stay up until 2AM... :whistle: :biggrin:

Thank you for todays Open House!



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Good evening everyone. We went to St Louis for a while but our day was cut short by snow. I was hoping it would hold out till late afternoon and let us have the afternoon but it started around 1:30 and by 2:30 it was time to hit the road. The roads were pretty bad in just a short amount of time. As soon as we got on the highway there was an accident on the side of the road. It was slow going till we got across the Mississippi into Illinois. By the time we got home there was nothing. Crazy weather.

I think I'll finish the evening with an espresso martini.


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Dot - I'm glad you enjoyed your brief stay in Scottsdale, but sorry I missed your call. Life has been unexpectedly somewhat topsy-turvy the past few weeks. I just happened to place two more glasses of Charles' Rum Punch near you - in case you're still a bit thirsty!

Jacquie - unfortunately, Charles left awhile earlier, but I'm more than happy to give Bandit and Cocoa their scritches. Pucci trotted over and led them to their bowls of water and treats. Bird Baby Joey (name noted) is perched on my shoulder - good thing I just happen to have potato chips on hand...he certainly is enjoying his large chip! Something new, eh? I've given him his gentle pat-pats on his head and scritches behind his he's happy! Fortunately, Charles made a very large batch of Rum Punch before he left, so I've poured a tall glass for Leon. You know you can always tempt me with a Chocolate Banana - thank you!!! Now please go enjoy those loungers in the water.

QUACK QUACK, Calgon - it appears one phase of your life is ending and you have a whole new world to look forward to. Very best wishes to you and SunFlower. Have a productive and pleasant trip to DC. :doubleup::cheer:

Erik - I'm glad you enjoyed your Whisky x 2! Yes, I know your taxes on liquor are VERY high, and I know the Duty Free shops are extremely popular as a result. If I am not mistaken, the consequences for driving "under the influence" are extremely severe and they are more of a deterrent than the taxes? It was our pleasure to welcome you and Molle to Open House today...and we'll look forward to seeing you Sunday (I almost said "tomorrow" :biggrin: ).

Marie - I'm sorry your day in St. Louis was cut short by snow. But I hope you and Jules enjoyed your Anniversary nonetheless. Here's your espresso martini - sit back and enjoy!
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Pucci and I thank our friends for joining us. We spent the day on a favorite island to many - Maui.

As always, the bar remains open for any latecomers. :cheer:

Please visit us for Sunday Open House - once again, we'll see where our travels take us.


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If I am not mistaken, the consequences for driving "under the influence" are extremely severe and they are more of a deterrent than the taxes?
The limit for when you are not allowed to drive is 0,1 mg alcohol per litre air when breathing, which equals 0,2 per mille alcohol in your blood. Depending of the situation you will be fined or sent to jail for maximum 2 years.

I have heard that alcohol is the reason for about 30% of all people killed in traffic. If that is true it's a bit scary as only about 0,25% of all cars are driven by drunken drivers. I am not sure about the figures though.
At the same time they say that tired/sleepy drivers are as dangerous as drunken drivers.