Saturday Open House


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Pucci and I decided to awaken you with our Open House venue today, and hope those of you who arrive before we do in the morning will be enjoying yourselves.

The pool looks so inviting, and just out of view are the lounge chairs. There's a great lawn area for our furbabies.

As always, Pucci and I are hosting for the day...plenty of refreshments and snacks. Since it's bedtime here, I'll close with a chamomile citrus tea. I'll wait for the "high octane" cappuccino in the morning.

We hope you'll join us. What may we offer you?


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Woof woof, arf arf furbabies, feathered friends and human friends.

I look forward to romping with you today...and perhaps getting some scritches.



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It's good to see Open House again. Another lovely site.

Pucci, tell me where the tea is and I'll get some myself. Thanks.


My Grandpa kicked me out of bed to come. Looks nice. But what's all that water? YUK!!!

I'm goin' to find a nice, comfy, spot to lay down and nap. I'll explore later.



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Mornin' Shipmaven and Pucci - you've picked a lovely spot for us today. Thank you very much!! I'm heading out here in a bit to work, so will have to come back for a nice strong drink when I get back. :doubleup:

And a hearty good morning, to Charles, KK and Horhei, and to all of the C@'s who follow. :sunny:


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Good morning everyone.

Mary Ann, this spot is BEAUTIFUL! I have to work this morning but will enjoy a nice cinnamon dulce latte before I have to leave for the office. Zsa Zsa is already off to play with the furbabies and looking for scritches.

Donna - dsw

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Good Morning Eveyone!

Got my fresh pot of French Vanilla Coffee and ready to chat - that is if I can get over this wonderful place. I am speachless - it is beautiful!

Thank you Mary Ann - you have out done yourself again!


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Beautiful! Looks like we get a quick dip in the pool before we head out for the day. Bread, Gavin and I get ourselves a cuppa and KT a hot chocolate. Timber and Rylee both brought treats to share and are looking for scritches.


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Perfect spot, Mama D! Well, since calories don't count, I would love to have a Bloody Mary. No, stay down and relax, Kiefer will mix it for me. One of his many talents. He's happy to bring you your super leaded capp when you arrive. He's off now to say hello to all before kicking up his heels and having fun with his buds.

Let's see who's here: Zsa Zsa, ''the boys", Rylee, Timber, Kiefer, and Pucci! Yay!!

Grandpa says I gotta help Pucci. So can I get something?


Good! I'm going to play!



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Wow...can you feel those hot breezes? I'm going to go fly a kite on the beach but will join you all later for brunch by the pool! Seafood salad anyone?


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what a lovely spot It is a very cold morning here in calf but the weather is going to start warming up and by next weekend will be warm for our camping trip at the lake.'
I will have a nice cup of hot tea and blue is ready to start playing with his dog friends. We have about 10 dogs at lake next weekend and he want to start now.


Well all looks like a great sport woul like a cuppa tea and a lap full of furry freiends know t hey would make me feel better.hugs


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Sorry I'm late arriving - busy morning. I discovered this multi-colored mound of fur with lots of wagging tails...and saw MAW underneath being greeted by the furbabies and giving them scritches in return. HOW WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU HERE, MAW!!! {{{HUGS}}} Would you care for something to drink - perhaps iced tea, perhaps something stronger??

Yonnie - good morning to you. Have you had your ice water? Would you care for more, or how about iced tea? Enjoy yourself! Hope your injuries are improving by now.

Charles - I hope Pucci led you to the stash of teas and served you a cup. Yes, it's good to have Open House again.

Horhei - Auntie Mary Ann has some nice scritches for you, in addition to those of your Grandpa and MAW. Pucci has brought you a bowl of drinking water and some catnip (courtesy of Timber), so we hope you'll enjoy yourself. Join in with the other furbabies.

Corky - we'll be happy to see you when you return...and have whatever you wish in a drink.

Marie - here is your cinnamon dulce latte to rev up the day for you (reminds me to get myself a double cappuccino) and we'll look forward to seeing you later. Pucci brought ZsaZsa her bowl of water and treats...they're all off romping.

Denise - Pucci is delighted to see Georgie and Louie! They've made the rounds of Charles and MAW, and settled down temporarily with their bowls of water. Pucci and the furbabies thank them for the treats they brought. For you, a cup of coffee. Sit back and relax!

Donna - I'm so happy you like today's venue. Sit back, relex and enjoy your French Vanilla coffee. Perhaps a dip in the pool later on?

Tobyn - Pucci, Horhei and I will be happy to watch over Rylee and Timber as you and your family head out for awhile today. The treats they brought are being shared, and Pucci has given them their bowls of water. Hope you had no problems finding the cuppas and hot chocolate after your dip in the pool. See you later, pehaps?

Glo - Kiefer certainly is multi-talented! I'm sure he made you a super-duper Bloody Mary, and my cappuccino really hit the spot. Thank you, little friend. Pucci has Kiefer's bowl of water, but all the furbabies are off playing just now.

Horhei - you just enjoy yourself for now. I'm sure Timber would like some feline companionship.

Seamom - seafood salad would be just perfect when people get hungry enough. In the meantime, go fly a kite - uhhh....that doesn't sound right. Hope the breezes remain good so you can enjoy your kite on the beach!

Audrey - Pucci ran to greet Blue and escort him to Charles and MAW. So nice to have two scritching sources once again! Pucci brought him his bowl of water, and there are plenty of treats brought by other furbabies. Here is your cup of Earl Grey tea - please enjoy.

MAW - are you ready for another cup of tea, or would you prefer something a tad bit stronger now? We ALL are so happy to see you here!

Virginia - Pucci ran to greet Pepper, escort him to MAW and Charles for scritches and give him his bowl of water and treats. They've now gone romping. Here is your almond latte - please enjoy.


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Hi everyone. Thought I'd stop in for a lunch time drink. I can't believe it but it is snowing here in West Vegas today. It was 91 degrees a few days ago. Wierd. Thanks to Globug for sending this our way. It isn't sticking and surely not snowing down in the Valley. Here in Summerlin we're a thousand feet above the valley so the weather is always a little different here. I'll have a Cocoa with a splash of Baileys for now.

I'll be back later with Susan and Ginny to celebrate one happy year since Ginny came in to our lives. :sunny:

H2O babe

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Happy Saturday Mary Ann and addicts! No great signs of spring here in central MN yet but I know it will come -- the snow is finally almost all melted and that makes me happy!

How about a lovely afternoon cup of tea? Surprise me with a nice flavor and all will be well!