Saturday Open House


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Good evening. I wanted to drop back in after a busy afternoon and evening for a night cap. After working at the office I came home to start working on the cabinets. I removed all the old handles so we could get them ready for a good cleaning and new knobs. I have been cleaning each cabinet out putting in new shelf paper too but stopped for the night.

I can't decide between a glass of rum punch made by Charles or an espresso martini.

Surprise me!


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Marie - sounds like you do need something to relax. Since Erik (Funnel) needs two glasses of the drink of his choice, why don't Pucci and I give you an Espresso Martini AND a Rum Punch!


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Pucci and I thank you for joining us today. We spent the day on beautiful Bora Bora.

As always, the bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

We hope you will join us tomorrow (today for Funnel :whistle: ) - we'll see where our travels take us.


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Nite nite everyone. I was happy to see all the furbabies and the feathered baby, and I thank Charles and MAW for all the nice scritches.

Woof woof until the morning!