Saturday Open House


Forever Remembered
Pucci and I invite our friends - human, furry and feathered - to join us for a pleasant day in this lovely venue...

Once again, we offer you a beautiful pool, beach, the ocean, comfy loungers...and the companionship of our Cruise @ddicts family.

Pucci has left a note for Charles telling him where he'll find our early morning refreshments - teas, coffees, ice water, fruit juices, Bloody Marys, Mimosas...and an array of breakfast snacks for those who arrive before Pucci and me. Please enjoy.

As always, Pucci and I are hosting for the day.

I'll say good-night while I sip my chamomile citrus tea - see you in the morning!


Captain Weather
A pleasant experience to wake up to see this lovely spot.

I'm putting the water on for tea, and I'll start the coffee. Thanks Pucci for the note.



The Euro Connection Special Contributor
Another five-star location you got there!
Again at work this weekend, I'll have just some Pellegrino.
On Monday starts my summer vacation, so from that day on I can have anything in my glass.

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist
I love that pool along the beach. And see that there some nice shaded loungers.

Mary and Pucci I will start off with ice water.

Thank you.


Well-Known Member
Beautiful as always. Zsa Zsa has ran off to start playing with Horhei. She has brought some treats for him and everyone else that arrives thru out the day. I will start the day with a sf cinnamon dulce latte. I have to work a few hours at the office then will be back for a swim.


Morning I will have a tall glass of ice water. That lounger looks comfortable to share with fuzzy friends. Thanks Mary ann and Pucci.


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Good morning Mary Ann & Pucci. Hunter and I will join everyone. Hunter is heading for the beach for an early morning run & swim. He brought along some treats for the day to share also. I would love a cup of tea to start the day & then will relax in a lounger by the pool. As soon as Hunter gets his exercise for the day he will return & join his other furbaby friends for some playful times.


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A simply stunning location. Thank you Mary Ann and Pucci. I have all three furbabies again today, and Harley is delighted, as he thinks that with all that soft sand, he can surely dig to China this weekend. Charles, by any chance do you have some Earl Grey this morning? I would love a cup.


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Lovely spot today!

Since Rudee learned he could swim yesterday, he'll be glad to lead the other fur-friends for some laps in the pool :boogie:

I'll take a strong cup of coffee, then I'm heading out for the day...


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Looks like a lovely spot as usual. Bread and I would love a cuppa to start. Timber brought some tuna to share and everyone else around here is still sleeping . . . .


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Oh yes...this IS the place to start my week off, running back and forth between the beautiful white sea and powder white beach and that lovely pool. Ahhhhh...prosecco, por favor.... and some candied fruit peel and ginger with chocolate... oh how the mind can wander so early in the morning to decadence. Thanks!!