Saturday Open House


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Good morning, Friends. I'm standing here with my double cappuccino and Pucci had gone to greet all the furbabies. Thank you, Charles and Horhei, for "early morning duty".

In addition to Charles and Horhei, I wish to greet

Yonnie (hope you got your iced tea now)
Marie with Zsa Zsa
MAW - always a special welcome hug and tail wag for you!
Linda with Hunter
Bev with Chloe, Harley and Lily
Patty with Rudee
Tobyn and Bread with Timber
Seamon (Susan)
Jim and Claire
Denise with Georgie and Louie
Virginia with Pepper
Audrey with Blue

If you each are ready for seconds, or haven't received your beverage of choice, please let Pucci and me know - we'll get it for you. Now, enjoy your day!


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Kiefer and I are getting off to a late start, but that pool looks exactly like what we need this morning. Since edogs don't shed, Kiefer will enjoy his romp in the pool with his buddies. I'll enjoy a nice tall glass of ice tea, please. Treats to share with everyone!


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Sorry I got off to a late start today, but I wanted to welcome all the furbabies...

Chloe, Harley and Lily
Timber (meow - haven't seen ya in awhile!)
Georgie and Louie

And woofs to all their humans. I'll be "on duty" today to help.


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Glo - Pucci ran to greet Kiefer and escort him to Maw and Charles for scritches, and has now brought him his bowl of water and treats. Do any of the other furbabies need water and treats?? Here's your iced tea - sit back and enjoy.

Charles - thanks again for being our barista. Guess you (and I) didn't realize you would develop yet another expertise in life?


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Yonnie - you're most welcome. Are you and Joe ready for your Grey Goose on the Rocks?

Kathy - it's so nice to see you here! Pucci ran to Max and Maggie (welcome!!!), escorted them to Charles and Maw for scritches, and has now served them their bowls of water and treats. Would you care for a refreshment?


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TC - Pucci ran to greet Big Guy and escort him to Charles and Maw for scritches, then offered him his bowl of water and treats. Bourbon on the Rocks (Jack Daniels OK?) for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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A very nice location, Mary Ann! The pool close to the beach and then some hills behind the pool. Great!

I'm a bit late (it's past 11PM here) as it has been a busy day here (well, it's holiday - that means it should be busy, right...? :biggrin:).

I would like a Spanish Cava, please.

Molle is joining me today too and after greeting Maw, Charles and all of his furry friends, I'm sure he will be off to the beach helping Harley with that China hole. :whistle:



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Erik - better late than never. You must be enjoying your holiday! Yes, Molle knows "the routine" exactly, and I am certain that Harley will appreciate the help digging to China. Since you would like a Spanish cava, how about two glasses of chilled Gran Sarao Non Vintage Brut - a simple but pleasant sparkling wine? If you have a favorite, please let me know and I'll see if I can find it for you. Enjoy!

Jacquie - thank you for joining us. Welcome! May I offer you something to drink?


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Thank you, Mary Ann! Your choice sounds good!
I have not tried Cava more than once and that was earlier today. Can't remember what brand it was, and now I can't take a look as I am locked out (what...??? :scratch: :biggrin:) for the night.



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We finally made it, and there went Bird Joey! Mary Ann, he landed on your shoulder, of course, but I believe he's watching to see if Charles has goodies for him also. Bandit and Cocoa ran a few laps around the pool and have settled between Maw and Charles to watch the furbaby races. Lazy bums! Charles, Leon wants to know if you have made Rum Punch today, and if you have, he would like a tall glass. Mary Ann, I stopped by the Chocolate Banana department of the bar on the way to the pool and brought a tray of them for us, and to share with anyone else who might like one. I'm headed for the beautiful pool!


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Erik - locked out for the night? That brings up interesting thoughts and possibilities!!!:whistle: I think you probably need an entire bottle of Gran Sarao Non Vintage Brut!! Does Pucci have to puppy-sit Molle tonight?

Jacquie - indeed Bird Joey (name noted) flew directly to my shoulder. He said he didn't notice any goodies from Charles today, but I told him not to worry - I created a trail mix of crushed cashews, sunflower seeds and corn chips. He wasted no time pecking away so that I presume he was happy! Of course, I'm giving him his usual pat-pats and scritches. Yes, Bandit and Cocoa also know the mooching routine - scritches, water, treats and...they're running so swiftly around the pool that they're just a blur of fur! :biggrin: Charles had prepared several pitchers of Rum Punch, so I'm glad to bring Leon a tall glass. I shall most certainly enjoy some Chocolate Bananas with you. I had planned on taking time off this afternoon to watch a DVD and spend quality time with Pucci. Instead, I've been at my desk.


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Hi everyone. This is a beautiful place to have some refreshment. Look out front in the parking lot to see Susan's brand new car. She just got it today. It is a Chevy "Cruise". She is so excited.

Ginny and Tanner are joining us too so we'll have our usual please. :beach:


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Michael - Chevy "Cruise". How appropriately named. :doubleup: Pucci welcomed Ginny and Tanner, escorted them to Charles and Maw, and then gave them their bowls of water and treats. They've now joined the other furbabies. We hope Tanner is doing well! Here's a tall Rum Punch for you (of course, prepared earlier by Charles) and a glass of chilled Chardonnay for Susan. Please enjoy!


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Erik - locked out for the night? That brings up interesting thoughts and possibilities!!!:whistle: I think you probably need an entire bottle of Gran Sarao Non Vintage Brut!! Does Pucci have to puppy-sit Molle tonight?
Hehe... no need for babysitting but I don't mind the bottle! :biggrin:
I am not "allowed" to sleep in the house as I'm not housetrained so I have my own “doghouseâ€... :whistle:

No, I'm just kidding! :evil: When we are all here the house is not big enough for all of us, so a couple of years ago I decided to build a tiny house where I could sleep. It's small but all I do there is sleep and keep my things.

As you can see it’s not big but I have the water just 15-20 feet from the door and it’s good to have my own “hideaway†here!

Time to get some sleep as it’s 2:30 AM here now.
Thank you for today and see you tomorrow!