Saturday Open House


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Good morning - busy morning here. It's so nice to have Charles back in the first place, but also to look care of our friends....

Let's see - I already greeted,Christoffer, Maureen and Erik.

Good morning to

Charles (of course!!) & Horhei
Joanne & Mark, Wendy and Mariah
Linda & Hunter
Denise, Georgie and KING LOUIE
Maw (hugs back)
Glo & Kiefer
Audrey & Blue

Glad you're enjoying today's choice! Pucci will be along in a minute!


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Arfs, arfs, woofs, meows, meows, chirps, chirps. I already see lots of friends to greet...

Horhei - thanks for helping Grandpa Charles
ZsaZsa - are you here with your Mama?
Georgie & Louie (we keep voting for you)

We'll have a fun day romping! Remember to be careful when visiting Maw, but I know she would like some cuddles!

J.E. M.

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Let me be the first to say good afternoon from the beach, the weather here is great today, wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend.


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Jim - good to see you this early in the day. Hope you and Claire are having fun at the beach (SIGH).

Yonnie - tall glass of iced tea coming right your way. Enjoy.

Kathy - we'll look forwarding to seeing you!


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OK, back from the seminar. Thank you for the coffee and juice, Mary Ann!

Now it's time for a Whisky.
I would like to try a Jack Daniels, please. It's called Rock'n roll drink over here (maybe the same in the US?)... :biggrin:
I have never tried it but bought a bottle during my last cruise to Helsinki. Have not opened it yet and forgot to bring it to my summer house :madd: where I will spend the Saturday evening and Sunday.



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I'm looking up "rock 'n' roll. It's coming right up, Erik.

I'm also making some rum punches. Would anyone want one or two?

And, let's see what else is behind the bar today?



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:clap: Yeah Open House :clap:

Beautiful spot ShipMaven and Pucci. Cooper and I are delighted to join everyone today. Cooper has brought an assortment of treats for all his furry friends. I will start with my usual earl grey but I see something long tall and cool in my future.



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Welcome back, Erik. I see Charles is tending bar! :doubleup::cheer:

Frankly, I never heard of Jack Daniels referred to as Rock & Roll (my ex-beau was a Jack Daniels drinker), but then, I was never a rock 'n roll fan.


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Audrey - Charles has prepared his now-famous Rum Punches, so please enjoy a tall glass. Enjoy your nap.

Radiance - Pucci ran to Cooper, escorted him to Maw and Charles, and has offered him his bowl of water. He thanks Cooper for the treats, that he's now sharing with the other furbabies. Here is your Earl Grey tea...and I'm certain that there will be a steady supply of Charles' Rum Punches later on. Enjoy!

connie seabee

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Amazing! I absolutely love it. Thank you ShipMaven and Pucci for another great venue. I'll bring Cody Bear along to romp around with the other furbabies. I'll have a nice cold glass of Iced Tea with a slice of lemon.


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Thank you Charles and Mary Ann!
I can see that Molle has enjoyed his time here while I was away. I hope he did behave.

About Jack Daniels and Rock 'n' roll; Over here I think it is trendy to drink Jack Daniels if you are playing in a rock or heavy metal band.
This also means that if you are a true fan of rock you also have to drink Jack. :doubleup:
I have to admit I played in a rock band (many many years ago), but I still enjoy a Single Malt every now and then so I'm not following the trend... :whistle:

I just googled Jack Daniels and saw that it's not only here it is considered to be for the rock musicians; Beastie Boys, Led Zeppelin, Mötley Crüe...

Oops, now I got more thirsty so some kind of bear... sorry... beer :biggrin: would be nice, please!



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Connie - what a pleasure to see you here. And welcome to Cody Bear - I believe this may be a first visit for him? Pucci has escorted him to Maw and Charles, given him a bowl of water and shared some treats. They're now off playing with the other furbabies. Here is a tall glass of iced tea and I've placed some lemon slices on a plate for you to add to your tea. Please enjoy.

Erik - what instrument did you play in your rock band? How interesting! The closest to rock that I really enjoyed was ABBA - love them! How about two Amstel beers today? Or do you have another preference? Molle was, as usual, a little gentleman and behaved very well during your absence. There's also some Glenfiddich within reach should you need a little variety. :whistle::cheer:

Yonnie - I just happen to have two double Grey Goose on the rocks for you and Joe. Please enjoy.


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Thank you Mary Ann and Pucci for having this wonderful open house. This is the most perfect place, and it is good to see so many in attendance. I have all three furbabies with me, and they are anxious to romp and greet their friends. I'm so late getting here, and Harley thinks that I may have cut into his digging to China time. May I please have a nice glass of white wine, while I greet everyone and watch the furbabies play?


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What an absolutely beautiful place! Charles and Maw, the boys are headed your way, so watch out! They're thrilled to see both of you. Pretty Joey just landed on Mary Ann's shoulder and is looking for his birdie trail mix, but wants to know if Charles brought him anything from the cruise. I believe he just kissed Mary Ann to thank her for having Open House this weekend! Leon would like another Moscow Mule (he had one this afternoon) and Mary Ann, I brought Chocolate Bananas for both of us. It's great to see everyone! Funnel, I brought you some Choc beer to try. It isn't one of the fancy ones, but is made in a small Italian community south of us, from an old Choctaw Indian recipe.


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I am looking forward to relaxing while the sun sets & enjoy a nice glass of wine to end the day. Hunter went to find his furbaby friends for a last romp before he heads to his bed for some rest from today's activities.