Saturday Open House


Forever Remembered
Good morning to our friends. Pucci and I hope you'll enjoy awakening to this very inviting site...

We think this is a spectacular pool, and you'll see a sandy beach to the right (perfect also for our digging-to-China pooches). Lots of romping space elsewhere as well. Of course, there are comfy lounge chairs for your relaxation.

Pucci has left a note for Horhei and Charles, indicating where the early morning refreshments can be found - fresh fruit juices, ice water, various coffees and teas, Mimosas and Bloody Marys. As always, Pucci and I are hosting for the day.

I'm logging off now - with a cup of chamomile citrus tea in hand. I'll greet you with my double cappuccino in the morning.


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Woofs, arfs, meows, chirps. Isn't this a pretty place? Mommy and I hope you'll enjoy your day here.

I look forward to seeing my friends today.



Captain Weather
Wow! Well, with my bad eyes I first thought it was a canal and Venice and I was looking for the Gondolas. But, this is so much better.

I'd like to start the day with a drink. But ... tea will have to do. Water and coffee is on, and I know where the machines are for lattes and capuchinos. Thanks Pucci for the notes.

Water coming right up.

Meow Pucci, and HI furry and feathered friends. I'm here to help with the water bowls, and to explore, hide, and nap on a soft cushion.


Cruise cutie

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:sunny:Good Morning, and such a stunning place..

I have found a chaise, and Mariah and I are lolling on it.
...Mark has his and Wendy is people watching..the Double Cappuccino is a great start to our day..we'd love to park here for the Duration!!!..Thanks for such a wonderful pit oasis of calm...........:)..Joanne


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Good morning. This is beautiful. I wish I could stay all day but I have to help Tom and Ashley with the house he bought and I have some real estate appointments. No rest for the wicked but I will take time to have a latte. Peanut is here with use for the weekend so she stays out of the way of cleaning, painting, moving etc so I know she will have fun visiting with the furbabies. I know you all have no problems if I leave her and Zsa Zsa here while we all work. I'll be in and out and will check on them. They have brought chewies to share with everyone. Zsa Zsa has already gone off to show her around.


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Think I'll enjoy a dip in the pool before another cuppa. Bread will enjoy a cuppa and Timber brought some Alaskan Thunderstruck to share with the other kitties. Timber says he has it on good authority that Rylee would rather be here with the other furbabies than stuck in that car another day . . . . .


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Lovely spot, Mele Ana. That is a spectacular pool all right. I wish I could explore more of it, it appears to continue on through the portal? Maybe after some tea, I'll haul myself off the chaise to check it out. Until then, Kiefer is trying to convince Mariah to play with him, and Kitten is slowly approaching Timber to extend an invite to curl up with him in the sun in a planter under a tree.
Lots of furry friends came in while I was exploring.

Hi to

Zsa Zsa
Timber--thanks for the treats!

Water bowls are out, but I don't see the China diggers yet.



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what a great looking spot blue and I are here to sit and enjoy it for a while. I will take a cup of coffee and blue is off joining all his fur friends


Forever Remembered
Good morning, @ll...with my double cappuccino in hand. :cheer: Looks like the pool and loungers are a big draw.

Charles and Horhei, thank you for getting things started.

Hello to

Lisa - nice to see you here. Would you care for a calming refreshment?
Yonnie - I know you've been offered your ice water.
Charles - glad you got your tea.
Joanne & Mark - glad you can both relax today, starting off with double cappuccinos. How is Mariah feeling? Can we bring her and Wendy anything - Timber brought his
Alaskan Thunderstruck (woooeeeeee).
Marie - why not have your usual cinnamon dulce latte before running off to work today? Pucci and Horhei will certainly look after ZsaZsa and Peanut.
Tobyn and Bread - always a pleasure to see you. Have you had your cuppas? Poor Rylee - how much longer a drive does she, KT and Gavin have?
Glo - enjoy that pool after your tea. Yes, it does continue through the portal at the far end. Glad you brought Kiefer and Kitten.
Jeanie - what can we offer you?
Audrey - good to see you and Blue. Enjoy your coffee.

Hope I've included everyone for a first hello!


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Woofs and meows, Horhei, and furbaby friends. Thanks for your help, Horhei. I see everyone has their water bowls and appropriate treats.

Mariah - woofs. How are you feeling today? Any better? This beautiful place, with you and Mommy lounging together, should keep your mind off your stitches. Enjoy your treats and water.
And meow, Wendy. Lounging with Daddy should relax you. I see you have your water and some of that Alaskan Thunderstruck!
ZsaZsa and Peanut - woofs 'n arfs. Nice you could join us, too, Peanut. I know Horhei has given you your bowls of water and treats. Have fun today.
Timber - meow. Thanks for bringing the Alaskan Thunderstruck for the kitties. That should keep them alert and playful. Tell me, do you miss Rylee? We'll try to keep you smiling today.
Kiefer & Kitten - woofs 'n meows. I'm always happy when you can join us. Enjoy your bowls of water and treats--take the Alaskan Thunderstruck in moderation, Kitten!
Blue - woofs. Enjoy your treats and bowl of water. We're getting off to a nice start with furbabies - perhaps you can join in later on digging to China. We can have a race to see who gets there

Let's all have fun now!


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Good morning everyone. Susan is off to Virginia on yet another Brittany transport so she and the pooches will join us later.

I'll start off with a caramel latte in this wonderful spot.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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Ahhhh... another beautiful venue, Mary Ann!
I think a Dry Martini will be perfect before heading to my niece for a birthday party (for her and her youngest brother).

Molle is joining me as usual, and is eager to meet his friends. Woof! He missed them all last weekend.
I hope I can leave Molle here for some hours while I'm away.