Saturday Open House


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Michael - how wonderful that Susan is on another mission of mercy. I still hope - ahem - that Tanner has found his forever home! Here is your caramel latte while you await the arrival of Susan and the pooches later this afternoon. Sit back and enjoy. You usuals will be ready for you.

Erik - we're delighted to see you and Molle. Pucci will be more than happy to "puppy-sit" while you go off to the birthday party. But before you do so, I'm preparing your dry Martini - do you prefer gin or vodka with the vermouth? I am guessing you are referring to the American Martini, and not the European that is simply a dry Martini & Rossi vermouth? Molle has already been offered his bowl of water and treats.


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Charles - I'm certain they'll be lined up for your special Rum Punch. It's still too early here (only about 10:45am), but a CC Old Fashioned sounds like a nice possibility later this afternoon!


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Oh my, another fantastic spot for us to visit. It amazes me that week after week you always find a spectacular place for our enjoyment.


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Hello, everyone. What a beautiful place to enjoy great company and a cup of Earl Grey tea. Frasier and I spent part of the morning collecting his toys and putting them in one place. Well, that was futile... although I've found a couple and he's agreed to share them with his friends. Charles, he thanks you for setting out his water bowl!


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Kathy - thank you. I enjoy scouring the world for our weekend get-togethers. May I offer you something to drink, even an iced tea?

Lisa63 - it's always a pleasure to see you and Frasier. Is our little furry friend allowed any treats? We wouldn't want to upset his diet. For you, a cup of Earl Grey tea...with more steeping under the cozy if you so desire. I suppose great minds think alike - we sorted out some of Pucci's toys this morning!!

Denise - Pucci is inquiring if Georgie and Louie will be joining you? He always enjoys his buddies. Here is your pumpkin spiced coffee (sounds perfect for this time of year). Please enjoy!


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Thank you for the perfect Dry Martini, Mary Ann!
Thank you for puppy-sitting, Pucci!

Now I'm back from the birthday party. We had Taco as main course and Blueberry Pie as dessert.
I brought some leftovers to share.
I can see that Molle is enjoying himself, he pretends not to see that I'm back again... :whistle:

As I was driving I had to stay away from alcohol, so now I'm sitting here with a glass of Scapa "The Orcadian" 16 year old single malt. As I just have enough for one glass I think another glass at the Open House will take care of the balance... :biggrin:



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Hello everyone. This is a gorgeous place to gather today. Mary Ann you and Pucci have once again found the perfect place. I have all three furbabies with me today, with Harley rather upset that we did not get here earlier. He says it takes time to dig to China. May I please have a nice glass of wine while I watch the dirt fly.


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Getting here a little late today, but I'm ready to take a break in one of the lounge chairs and join the group. A nice cappuccino sounds good :cheer:

Rudee is still on strict rest these days, so he'll be a good "watcher" today...

Happy to join all of you for a spell....


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Erik - let's see. Taco as the main course and blueberry pie for dessert. Are you sure you didn't find a leftover supersonic jet, fly to North America for the meal, and take that SST back to Sweden?? The birthday party cuisine certainly doesn't sound Swedish!!! Yes, Molle was a good boy. He and Pucci get along very well together. I'm glad you liked the Dry Martini - that has always been my bartending specialty. Now, here is the other glass of Scapa "The Orcadian" single malt to balance the one you already have. Have you been to the Orkney Islands to sip this first-hand? I remember that you regularly request a single malt whisky. Even though it's late your time, we have more on hand should you need a night cap to ensure a good night's sleep. Of course, you know what we'll have ready for you tomorrow! :cheer:

Bev - Pucci went to greet Chloe, Harley and Lily. Yes, that hole to China continues to be dug, but the pups did need Harley's helping paws. The speed has picked up appreciably. All three dogs enjoyed their bowls of water and treats beforehand. How about something a bit different today - a glass of Shiraz? Enjoy!

Charles - we've made that a double CC and Soda. Hope Mrs. Charles is the designated driver for the church supper tonight. Enjoy!

Patty - Pucci went over to Rudee gently, gave him his bowl of water and escorted him next to the lounge on which Mariah is sitting. He reminded all the other furbabies that Rudee and Mariah are recuperating from their "owies" - they've all behaved admirably. For you, a cup of cappuccino that I hope you'll enjoy.
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Thank you Mary Ann.

I hate having two different places to go to for PT on the weekdays. Just means we have to work double hard on the weekends to try and get things done.


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back from out to lunch and 5 guys and we took in a movie I don't know how she does it. It was very cute and here we are home again.
We may be having a supermarket strike tomorrow or next day so I went to load up meat everything else I can get at walmart. I could use a nice glass of wine.


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Yonnie - there are two more Grey Goose on the Rocks for you and Joe..."just in case". I don't envy your PT sessions, but I hope they're helping. I may start PT again shortly. I look forward to that about as much as I look forward to having a root canal! :hammer:

Audrey - sounds like you're about ready to stretch out on a lounger and have a nice drink. I think I remember reading not too long ago that a strike might be called in SoCal. :( Glad you were able to get your marketing done today.