Saturday Open House


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Hi again everyone.

Susan Ginny and Tanner have decided to join me for some evening refreshment today. I can't wait to see where we're spending time today.

We'll have our usual, Mary Ann. :beach:


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Thank you, Mary Ann!
Well, you know... kids (OK, she is 25 now)... :biggrin: They don't necessarily like the traditional dishes.

I have never been to Orkney Islands. Actually I have never been to Scotland but some day I have to go there.
I gladly accept another glass of Scapa!

Now it's time to get some sleep. Thank you for today and see you all tomorrow (or later today my time)!



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Michael - I imagine Susan must be tired after her "mission of mercy" today. Pucci ran to Ginny and Tanner, gave them their bowls of water and treats, and they've now joined the other furbabies. I've poured a chilled Soave for Susan and here's your tall Rum Punch. Please sit back, relax and enjoy.

Erik - Scotland has some really beautiful areas. I think you might enjoy a visit there sometime. A former beau of mine lived near Glasgow so I had the opportunity to tour quite a bit of the country on a number of visits. I've poured another Scapa - actually 3 glasses, one to balance the one you drank earlier and two more...just in case. See you in the morning!


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Hey Charles, Leon wants to know if you have any rum punch left! Bandit and Cocoa have headed to the beach to help Harley dig to China and are complaining about their late start, and Bird Baby has landed in his usual place on Mele Ana's shoulder. Heaven forbid if she should ever wear a blouse without a "goodie pocket"! The poor feather kid would be devastated. I seem to be stuck on Chocolate Bananas these days - would anyone besides Mele Ana like one? What a beautiful place for an Opeen House!!


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Jacquie - Pucci ran to greet Bandit and Cocoa, gave them their bowls of water and treats - now, they all are helping Harley dig to China. I believe they're about to emerge in Hong Kong!
Bird Baby (name noted) zeroed in on my shoulder and was delighted to find some fat corn chips in my pocket this evening. There's also a big cashew in there - I'm just waiting for him to find it. I'm giving him his usual pat-pats on his head. I believe Charles has gone out to a dinner this evening, but he certainly left a super supply of his Rum Punches - so here is a tall glass (with more available) for Leon. As always, I would love to have a Chocolate Banana with you. BTW, did you know that Princess has a Chocolate Banana Martini??


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Pucci and I thank you for joining us. We spent the day on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean - quite a long way from any of our homes! We hope you enjoyed yourselves.

As always, the bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

We hope you'll join us tomorrow.


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I'd like to thank all our furry and feathered friends who spent the day with us. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. The digging pooches made it all the way to Hong Kong today. Good for you!

See you tomorrow!


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Hey, if Erik has two of each drink, I don't know why we can't do the same thing, do you? We'll give the Chocolate Banana Martini a try in April! Bandit and Cocoa stopped digging because they were worried about being eaten in Hong Kong. Bandit said he had read somewhere that dogs were considered to be food in that part of the world, didn't remember where it was, and didn't want to take chances.


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Jacquie - yes, dogs ARE on the menu in some Asian and Southeast Asian countries, which is why I refuse to eat anythere there when I don't know ALL the ingredients.

Indeed, we certainly can have two drinks if Erik does! :biggrin: I agree that the Chocolate Banana Martini can wait for April - for now, I'll continue to enjoy our traditional Chocolate Bananas! :cheer: