Saturday Open House


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#22 hot out tonight I just dropped into the pool! Looking forward to that sushi I think I spied on the way in! with Champagne!


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Seems my mornings get busier, but thanks to Charles and Horhei...and a BIG welcome to little Asha. I hope Open House will show you how much our participants care for you, little one!

I'm on my second round of double cappuccinos - Pucci says he wants to welcome the furbabies, and I'll welcome.....

Tobyn and Barbara

I hope I've greeted everyone, and hope you're enjoying yourselves - pool, beverages, snacks and...each other's company.

Now, I'll turn this over to Pucci. :sunny:


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Woofs, arfs and meows, my Friends. I had a PM to answer (my first) and I hope I did it correctly!

I'd like to start out with a very special welcome to little Asha. Sweetie, you now have lots of friends amongst us and, most of all, you have very loving parents who will take very good care of you and see to it that you never have to go through what you've already endured in your young life. So, welcome to our weekend open houses, and have fun with your new playmates. Of course, your brother, Kiefer, will keep a brotherly eye on you, too.

Woofs 'n meows to...

Horhei (thanks for your help, little buddy)
ZsaZsa - I'm guessing you're with us while Mommy works?
Kiefer and, again, Asha

I apologize if I missed everyone.

Tail wags to all...


Asha - Maw doesn't join us every week, but when she does, she loves to give scritches to the furbabies and offers a comfy lap to snuggle up in.


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Bandit and Cocoa are thrilled to see warm laps and cool water. Bird Baby is winging his way to his favorite human and ready for birdie surprise there! Since it's early, how about a tall glass of Apple Cider for Leon and I, and I'll be looking for Chocolate Bananas later.


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Hi Jacquie - my shoulder is accustomed now to being a landing field for Bird Baby (name noted) and my pocket holds a nice supply of popcorn and sunflower seeds. My little feathered friend pops his head out just long enough for scritches behind his ears and pat-pats on his head. Of course, Bandit and Cocoa ran straight for Maw with Pucci following, got their scritches, greeted little Asha, received their bowls of water and treats...and are now mingling with the other furbabies. I see Charles (bless him) gave you your Apple Ciders...and that sounds refreshing to me, too.

Pucci feels very honored this morning. A friend PM'd him - not me - for information on our Hawai'i cruise!!! Pucci made certain I replied promptly.:sunny:


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After a couple of hours throwing the ball in the pool for Kiefer I think I need something strong! :biggrin:
I think a cognac would be nice. A Renault Carte Noire Extra if they can be found here, otherwise I'll take whatever there is in the bar.



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Ahoy There Mele Ana (and Pucci) !

Cody is heading straight for the tent. Has lots of stories to tell about the local deer ...

SunFlower and I will relax at one of those poolside tables with a couple of mimosas (she's trying to ween me off the mudslides). Looks lovely here. Any chance of a hula show tonight? I promise I'll only be watching the hands ...


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Hello everyone. What a gorgeous location. Mary Ann you and Pucci pick the best places. I have all three furbabies with me, and Harley has just made a mad dash for the tent, as he wants to hear the story of the deer too. May I have a large glass of wine please while I sit here and chat with everyone?


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Hi Calgon. Two mimosas coming your way.

Erik, our virtual bar has everything. Here's several Renault Carte Noire Extra for you.



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Erik - of course we have Renault Carte Noire Extra cognac. I've warmed two snifters and placed them on the table next to you. Needless to say, we have more should you like! I hope you alternated arms throwing that ball in the pool for Kiefer!

Calgon and SunFlower - Pucci ran to greet Cody in the tent, bring him his bowl of water and treats...and told him we're ready to hear all about the deer. Here are Mimosa for the two of you, but we're a considerable distance from Hawai'i for hulas this evening. Perhaps some other type of dance will suffice? Glad to have you with us - sit and relax!


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Aha - Charles, you sneaked in while I was writing, so our latest arrivals will have doubles!

Pucci ran to greet Chloe, Harley and Lily - Sir Cody must have some great stories to share as all the furbabies are now gathered around him waiting for tall tales (tails?) like his Dad is capable of telling! ducking


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There I was. Minding my own business. Heading for the back yard to ... well, to "do", don't you know. Anyway, right there, in my yard was ...

Lucky for us, Daddy Calgon had a telephoto lens on his camera thing ...

- Cody
A couple hearty "WOOFS!" and she took off. Guess I showed her!
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Thank you for all the cognac! :doubleup:

When I saw Calgons photos of the deer (which are great by the way!) I thought of the moose hunting season that has started two weeks ago here. We have had no luck finding a moose, until now. I couldn't join in today but I got a call that there will be moose meat to put in the freezer. Great, that means many meat balls! :biggrin:

Well, I think it's time for a rum punch before it's time to get some sleep.