Saturday Open House


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Calgon - great photos. I believe SunFlower posted them on FB as well - the type of photo you can never see too many times.

Erik - what is more popular in Sweden, moose meat or venison (deer meat)? Do you also have reindeer meat in the more northerly areas? I've eaten venison many times and have also had reindeer meat, but never moose meat. Is it gamier than the others? I see Charles has given you your Rum Punches - enjoy. You probably will sleep very well tonight with Tutak offering you drinks as well!! :biggrin: You will bring Molle back to her home tonight?


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Mary Ann, I think moose meat is more common even though it can be hard to find. A lot of the moose meat are taken care of by the hunters and the land/forest owners and will never reach the grocery stores. Some you can find in restaurants.

Reindeer is rather common even down here where I live, but more in the northern part of Sweden.

It's not easy to describe the difference between moose and the other types of meat but gamier might be a good way to describe it. It will be interesting to see how the red deer meet is as the consistence of it is much more like the moose meat than fallow deer meat.

I'd better remember to bring Molle back home or his mom and dad will be worried. It may be a bit difficult to persuade him to follow me home as he seems to be having a really good time here, but...

Now I will crawl to my bedroom (looooots of drinks... :biggrin:) to get some sleep.
Thank you for today!



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Erik - Pucci has brought Molle to you so you don't forget to bring him to his owners. Thank you for the information on moose, deer and reindeer meats. I have only eaten reindeer aboard Crystal ships, and venison mostly in Europe. Sleep well...see you Sunday?


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Bread and I will make another stop in for a Mic Ultra before heading to the UAF Nanooks hockey game tonight. Hopefully they will play better tonight. . . . .


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Pucci and I thank our friends for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. We all travelled quite a distance today - we were in Laos.

As always, the bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

Sleep well and rest up - we'll be travelling quite a distance again on Sunday.