Saturday Open House


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Pucci and I welcome you to a double view of our today's Open House venue...a bit different from the usual, that we hope you will like.

Same place - two different views. Pucci and I have left notes for Charles and Horhei indicating where all the early-morning goodies can be found. Thanks in advance for their help! We have the usual fresh fruit juices and fresh fruits, ice water, a variety of teas and coffees, hot chocolate (there's a snow-capped peak in the distance), as well as Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

Of course, Pucci and I are hosting for the day, so please feel free to help yourselves .

We hope you'll enjoy the somewhat different location - Pucci and I will catch up with you later in the morning. I'll have my double cappuccino in hand.


Captain Weather
That is very nice. Boy, could a use a break after this week! And this looks like the prefect spot.

I'm making tea and coffee. And I see that Mary Ann has arranged for some fresh, warm, baked goods along with the fresh fruit and other goodies.

May I get you something?



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I'm on my own this morning, as it's almost time for me to head to work, but I'll be back with the gang later. Some English Breakfast tea would be great! Thanks Charles and Horhei.


Captain Weather
English Breakfast tea is right at your elbow.

Things happen magically so early in the morning. :)

Have a good day Jacquie..



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What a beautiful spot. I think I will have a cup of hot chocolate this morning. Baby & sweetie are running ahead of me to find their furry friends to play with.


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:doubleup: Likey-Likey!! And very much needed!! Thank you, Shipmaven and Pucci for the very nice place to have a rest and relaxation day.

Charles - only a glass of water for me this morning. I think I need to lay in the sunshine, soaking up the vitamin D, and replenishing with some good H2O.



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Wow! I mean . . .Wow! Looks like a FANTABULOUS locale for today's get together. Timber brought some Alaskan Thunderstruck to share and I would love to sit and chat while enjoying a cuppa this morning. It is a bit early here, so Bread is still sleeping.


Captain Weather
Tobyn, you are up early!

Good morning to Ed, Gram, Corky, and Tobyn. A mimosa, hot chocolate, a cold water, and a coffee are at your seats. Please enjoy.

Now to find Horhei!

MEOW and good morning to everyone.

Thanks Timber for the Alaskan Thunder. And hi to Baby and Sweetie. Water bowls are out for all of you.



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A beautiful spot! Looks almost like my backyard... I wish... :whistle:
It's afternoon here already so it's time for beer. Let's have some Great Lakes burning River, please.

"Woof woof"! Molle is here and looks for his furry friends.



Hello addicts-nice to see so many gatherung erly this morning. I will join gram in a cupps hot chocolate and then be ready for a lapful of furry friends. Paw and I are talking abt a new furry family member after our cruise this year. Have a good dy all.


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a great spot as always blue has run off to see his friends. I will take a cup of coffee and will join everyone for a morning visit


Captain Weather
A good morning to Kathy, Maw and Audrey. Let's see. Kathy, can I get you anything?

A hot chocolate and a coffee coming right up.

Good afternoon Erik, and welcome to your back yard! A large Great Lakes coming right to you, and another is chilling for when you are ready for it.

Thanks for the cat nip Big Guy, and Welcome.

Hi to Molle and Blue.

Grandpa found some balls to play with. And I hear Maw has string. Perhaps she'll play with the kitties after she finishes the scratches.



Forever Remembered
Good morning, Friends both 2-footed and 4-footed.

Charles, did you have the same type of rotten week as I between server issues and other issues? Would you like to relax and I'll ask Horhei to bring YOU something?

Pucci and I hope you're enjoying yourselves. For a change, I think it's obvious we're not in the Tropics, but we're also not in Erik's back yard either. We'll find out where we are this usual.

Hello/woof/meow/chirps to all our usual friends. Fasteddie, I believe this may be a first visit...or among your first. Welcome.

I know Charles and Horhei have taken care of the earlybirds quite nicely. May Pucci and I bring anything at this point? I'm heading for a tasty double cappuccino. Anyone care for some?

To those owned by their kitties, a friend of mine recently adopted a 3-legged kitty who's not quite a year old. They think a vehicle (hit and run of course) injured the leg so badly that the shelter had to amputate it not quite 2 months ago.
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