Saturday Open House


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Ruchela - our pleasure to bring you a cranberry juice on ice. Please sit back and enjoy.

Marie - I hope your property showing today was successful! Here is your Baileys and coffee. Relax awhile while ZsaZsa joins the other furbabies for an energetic romp.

Erik - that photo looks more like the area around the poles (for pole dancing) after the NOLA cruise next year!! :whistle: Pucci ran and got Molle so you wouldn't forget him again!

Donna - so glad you could join us. We just happen to have a piping hot spiced coffee for you. Hope you like it.


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Back, again. Bandit and Cocoa are thrilled to see their furry friends, and wouldn't mind a few scritches on the way to the water bowls. Bird Baby Joey has flown, landed, and digging through Mary Ann's pocket, but glanced over to see if Charles has any cashews for him, just in case. Leon is ready for his Bailey's and coffee this evening, and I'm ready for my usual Chocolate Banana. Mary Ann, the tray is waiting on your table! Charles, thanks for the tea this morning....I needed it.


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bOB - well, that explains it. What can I get for you now? A Shirley Temple?
A Hoot Gibson.......................

Ruchela - what an absolute DELIGHT to see you posting. Welcome back - welcome home. You'll have plenty of computer sympathies from us!!! May I offer you a refreshment - perhaps a cup of tea or coffee, or...?
Agree, glad to see you back...


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Jacquie - took Pucci and me longer than expected to get back here tonight. Sorry about that. The furbabies are still having fun...and mooching wherever they can...and Bird Baby Joey (name noted) knows exactly where to land on my shoulder so as to be able to reach his goodies. Charles did leave a crushed cashew for him, and I have a fat corn chip for him. I've handed Leon his Bailey's and coffee...and I certainly could enjoy a tall Chocolate Banana or two with you!

bOB - may I substitute a Hopalong Cassidy for you?


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Pucci and I thank our friends for joining us today - another excellent turnout! We spent the day in Austria.

As always, the bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

We must skip Open House tomorrow (Sunday) because my computer Tech will be here. See you next Saturday. Have a good week.


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Erik - you have posted so many exquisite photos of the area where you live, not to mention some other areas of Sweden. Yesterday's venue could easily have been in your figurative back yard. I'm not sure if there are any moose in Austria, though.....


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Mary Ann, thank you!
Apparently there has been seen a few moose in Austria, but they are not common at all and usually don't live there - they are called "wanderers" or "ramblers" (not to mix up with Maw's office ramble... :biggrin:).



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You are most welcome, Erik.

Who knows - bOB may have been passing through Austria at some time and dropped off a couple of moose........:whistle: