Saturday Open House


Forever Remembered
Pucci and I hope you'll enjoy waking up to these two views of the same venue for our Saturday Open House...

We hope you'll find our choice to be very relaxing - pool, ocean, beach...

Pucci and I have left the usual notes for Charles and Horhei (found under the thatched roof hut) if they arrive in time for our early-morning visitors. We have fresh fruits, a choice of freshly squeezed fruit juices, ice water, coffees and teas, breakfast pastries...and, of course, we have our bowls of fresh water for the furbabies.

Our thanks, as always, to Charles and his furry assistant. Pucci and I will be along later in the morning eastern time...and I'll greet you with my double cappuccino in hand.

Needless to say, Pucci and I are hosting for the day so please feel free to enjoy your choice of beverages and snacks. :sunny:


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What a fabulous place you and Pucci picked for us this Saturday. I'll have a cup of fine coffee and the local paper.
At 11 AM I'll start with a double shot Bloody Mary....Thanks Mary Ann for having us....ED


Captain Weather
Good morning Mary Ann and Eddie. I see Eddie has his coffee.

I'll put on the water for tea, and make sure there's plenty of coffee brewing.



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Oh, Shipmaven and Pucci. You about did me in with that first photo. I (my neck and shoulders) need that hot tub in the worse way. Thank you!!! :doubleup:

Come check on me in about an hour, will ya? :biggrin:


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Good morning! Bread and I would very much appreciate a cuppa this morning while we enjoy the hot tub with Corky. Timber brought along some tuna for the other kitties. He is looking for a lap to curl up on.


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Such a gorgeous sight! Love that hot tub :cool:

A Bloody Mary sounds just right, today....and Rudee is ready to run with the gang, while Kitty sits to watch :)
Good morning everyone. And HI to Timber!

It's raining at home. I can't even look out the window. But it's nice here. I'll stay for awhile.

Timber, I have your bowl of water. And thanks for the treats.


Cruise cutie

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my back, shoulders, and wrists see that hot tub.............sigh I so want to just invade that..

anyhoo....Mark and I will also go for the Double Cappuccino's and Wendy Kat and Mariah Princessa are hanging out at Kritter Korner..:)..
Dear Paesana and Pucci Pupper you each have incredible choices...:)
I'd much rather park there than our real life choices...:(..
.we are soon off to shop for a replacement freezer the Um -New one ( GRRR 6 1/2 year old broken 2 x already MAYTAG!!!) *that* is NEW- in our families time line...has to be replaced again....BEFORE our land cruise...

back later..................................................XXOO Joanne

Donna - dsw

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Good morning everyone! Hope there is still room in the hot tub and I will have a double cappuccino - gotta make sure they are good before our host gets back! lol


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Another stunning venue for us to spend the day relaxing. Shipmaven, week in and week out you never disappoint us with your choice of venues.


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Good morning. This looks like paradise! I sure can use the hot tub this morning as my chronic lower back has been giving me fits. While I relax I think I'll have an iced coffee. Zsa Zsa is off to romp with the other fur babies and has sweet potato chews for all.


Captain Weather
Good morning to Donna, Kathy, and Whimsy.

A double cappuccino, and an iced coffee are at your sides Kathy, may I bring you something?



Forever Remembered
Good morning, Friends - both 2-footed and 4-footed. Pucci and I are so happy you like our choice today. Finding suitable venues keeps us on our toes. :whistle:

While I sip my double cappuccino, I'll say hello to

Fast Eddie
Tobyn and Bread
My Paesana, Joanne, and Mark

Charles has taken care of you well, as always. I've brought some copies of the International Herald Tribune and the International USA Today for anyone who wishes to read a newspaper (Fast Eddie?).

I'll turn the 'puter over to Pucci for a minute so he can greet his (and my) buddies. It will give me a chance to savor my cappuccino.

Here's to a lovely day!:cheer:


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Woof arf meow Woof arf meow. Too early for chirps.

It's so nice to see my buddies here.

Tail wags, bowls of water and treats for...

Wendy Kat
Mariah Princessa
Zsa Zsa

Did I miss any of my friends - perhaps they're down digging in the sand?

Have a tail-waggin' good time today.


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Another stunning location. After two intense sessions of weight training this week--including one yesterday--the hot tub is very inviting.

I see that my Earl Grey is steeping...many thanks to our hosts. Frasier is one hungry kitty today, so he will bring some tuna to add to the supply donated by his friend Timber.


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What a beautiful venue! :doubleup:
I can see that the hot tub is full of C@'s so there is no room left but the pool looks perfect too so that's where you can find me.
When I'm done swimming a glass of sparkling wine would be nice, please!

Molle is joining me today too (this time I didn't forget him :whistle:) and is off looking for his four legged buddies.