Saturday Open House


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Mary Ann, thank you for the Rum Punches!

Erik - filet provencale? Sounds delicious, if it has no garlic...
Sorry but you have to have garlic butter for it to be "Provencale" otherwise it will be... something else (but I'm sure still yummy :doubleup:)!
"My" version looks like this.

Except for garlic butter there is also roe, which is not standard for filet provencale. I have been told that was something my grandma used to add and now I have inherited that recipe from my mom.

I've brought some to the Open House to share if someone is hungry. There is also a corner where the garlic butter is removed.



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Erik - this is DELICIOUS!! And it was very kind of you to remove some of the garlic butter for me. I just added a bit more roe (caviar) to my serving! :whistle: I know that, unfortunately, garlic is essential to "provencale", but one can always hope.

May I suggest that you add your recipe to the recipe forum on C@?

How about two Calvados to round out your meal?


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Great - Calvados! Thank you, Mary Ann! :doubleup:
I'll see if I can translate the ingredients - for some reason it can be really difficult to translate ingredients and food dishes. I'll try.

It 's past 1 AM here now so it's time to get some sleep as I think it will be a busy day tomorrow. Have a lot of work to do in the hallway and I think that a friend need some help with transportation of a desk. Have to see if I can dig out the trailer.

Thank you for today!



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WOW, it's a toss-up between hot tub first or pool first! Bandit and Cocoa just headed for Maw's lounger and cool water, so Maw, I hope you're ready for both of them. Bird Baby Joey has a one track mind and flew for his favorite human.....and it's NOT us, possibly because we don't run around with pockets full of bird goodies! He enjoyed his conversation with his favorite human earlier this week. Leon would love some of Charles' fruit punch, and I brought a tray of Chocolate Bananas as we came through the bar. Are you ready for one, Mary Ann? Charles, Bird Baby Joey wants to know if you have any cashews for him this week.


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Erik - I truly don't wish to give you a difficult task, but if you can find a way to share that recipe, it will be appreciated. Although I'm sure that metric/english conversion is probably second nature for you, don't concern yourself with that. I don't speak Swedish (as you know), but translating some languages is part of my background, so I'll be happy to attempt to help if you're not sure of some words (yes, bOB, we can figure out moose! :biggrin: ). Sleep well - I hope you (and Molle?) will have time to join us for Sunday Open House.

Jacquie - your choice, of course, but Pucci would recommend the hot tub followed by the swimming pool. Aaaahhh. Bandit and Cocoa did rush to Maw's lap, are enjoying their bowls of water and treats, and have joined other furbabies on the beach. There must be a race to reach China! By coincidence, my pocket is filled with chopped cashews so, not only did Bird Baby Joey (name noted) land square on my shoulder, his head was in my pocket instantaneously. He's hardly giving me a chance to reach his little head for pat-pats and scritches behind his ears! I've handed Leon a tall Rum Punch, and I thank you for taking a tray of Chocolate Bananas. I'll be delighted to join you in sipping (gulping?) a couple! :cheer: I suspect the Bartenders and Stewards in Sapphire Princess' Wheelhouse Bar will know what to hand us, without our even asking, when we enter during our upcoming cruise!

Virginia - Pucci and I are so happy that you and Pepper could join us. Pucci gave Pepper his bowl of water and treats - what may I offer you?


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Pucci and I thank our @ddicts friends for joining us today. Horhei - I hope you are paying attention because we spent the day on FIJI, your favorite destination. Thank you and your Grandpa for helping out today.

As always, the bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

We are delighted at the wonderful participation since Pucci and I re-started our weekend Open Houses. We'll do our best to continue to find lovely venues for you.

Please join us on Sunday - we'll see where our travels take us.