"Saved" Sent PM Mssg Folder?


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I can't seem to Keep my Sent Mssg's. In the User CP Private Message area there is a box to click to save a PM, and I click on the box to save the mssg but the check mark in the box doesn't stay...hence, no saved sent messages.

What am I doing wrong? :duh:


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Don't know about what happens in the CP rregarding PM's BUT

I just sent a PM and as a test I scrolled down under the PM text box and clicked Save there it worked for me !!


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Ok - so maybe you click that box each time you send a PM and then it goes into your sent folder. Gotcha! Would be nice if it was a standard feature and not something I need to "remember" to do. ;)

Thnx BSeabob!

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I got a PM overnight.

When I answered it, I did check the box -- again -- to save my reply.

Looks as though we have to check that box each time if we want to save a "reply".


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I just ran a test PM to Corky and I had a copy in my Sent Box without checking the box when creating the PM....I have the "Save a Copy" checked in my User CP options.


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Did you all check the box "Save a Copy of Sent Messages" in your User CP settings?

Go to User CP

Settings & Options

Edit Options

Messaging & Notifications

Private Messages

Then click box "Save a Copy of Sent Message"


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Okay, process finished. Geez, would never have known to do all that on my own. Thanks again, Denise. And I found your PM! :clap:


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Just read this thread and wanted to remind everyone to check their User Control Panels, their are ALLOT of great settings like 'Saving Your PM's' , Setting Your Time and Many Many more.