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We will be in Belize and would like to dive while we are there. We will be on the Crown Princess but they are not offering a diving excursion. Does anyone know the reason? Does anyone have any suggestions as to where the best place to go to make a reservation for a dive?

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Gayle V

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Hi Wendy, Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but it does seem odd. Belize is suppose to be a wonderful place for diving. When are you cruising? If it's really soon, perhaps the dive excursions filled up already. On the other hand, if you are still a long way off, it's possible that not all the excursions are listed yet.

Likely your best source for an accurate answer would be to call the cruise line directly. If you do decide to do a private excursion, I suggest asking for suggestions of who to book with on the Cruise and Travel Chat Page also. That page gets a lot of views.

One more thought; not likely, but possible: what time is your ship arriving in Belize? If its a a little later in the day, it might not be possible to fit in a dive, so none are offered.
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S&M in Pgh

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Wendy, Princess has really scaled back their dive excursions to the stops where they have a larger selection of operators to pick from. I was told this is for a couple of reasons, primarily liability. Operators in places like Aruba, St Thomas.... Are better regulated and better insured. Then there is the size issue. Princess may not bring enough divers on a regular basis for any of the local operators to be willing to guarantee them x number of spaces every time the ship is in port. The one reason could be that none of the local operators passed Princess' standards. But in a diver paradise like beleize I find that hard to believe.

Now, as for finding an operator. Try and look for dive shops listed in Beleize. Then check their website or drop them an email to see if they take cruise passengers. Some don't take cruise pax because of time constraints.

Hope it works out and stop back with some pictures.