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Anyone take the Sea Princess to Alaska? Looking at a 10 day cruise from San Francisco to Alaska. Any thoughts from those of you who have taken this cruise highly appreciated. Also, where's the best place to book? has many rooms at the "plaza" level. How are those?

Jill B

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G'day jkshu, and welcome to cruise @ddicts. :)

DH and I sailed with a group on Sea Princess to Alaska, 10 nights, from San Francisco in August last year and we had a great time. We stopped at Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria Canada.
DH and I only took one ship's tour; Skagway, White Pass train. We thought that was well worth doing. The other Alaska ports we just wandered around and looked at everything. Being Aussies, this was a great experience for us.

We had a cabin on the same deck as the casino, deck 8 I think. (brain gets a bit scrambled after long haul flights) The room was fine, cabin steward was great. I have a review here on @ddicts. I, and a few of the group also have photo galleries here of this cruise.

I know this isn't much info, but I hope it helps.



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I was actually on the same sailing and with the same group as Jill. Having sailed to Alaska multiple times on Princess this itinenary and ship would be near the bottom of my choices. It's expensive and burn's up too many days sailing up/down the coast. If you have never sailed Alaska the only way to go is do the "inside passage" which is the cruise from Vancouver to Whittier (or the reverse). This is a seven day trip (one-way) so if you have time for a 10-day cruise try to make it 14-days and do the up and back. If you compare pricing for the same time period you will find it will be about the same price for the 10-day Sea Princess cruise as it would be for the 14-day back-to-back cruises. One last thing is having sailed most of the Princess ships the Diamond, Coral and Island Princess is far superior to the Sea Princess. These three ships will be sailing the inside passage this summer.

As for where to book, the only thing I will offer so a couple of my friends don't edit my post is be careful booking with internet companies because sometimes you get what you pay for. Just beware there are a lot of bad ones out there. We always book with a T/A because of our internet experiences. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info. I decided to go with a 7 day from Seattle instead because I don't want to take almost 2 weeks of vacation for the trip. I'm most likely going to go with the Golden Princess leaving Seattle for a round trip through the Alaska Inside Passage.



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That is a good choice and the Golden is a very nice ship. It was just refurbished less than a year ago and the upgrades made it really nice. Enjoy your cruise.