Sea sickness. What's the best cure



First time cruisers wants to be prepared. Does patch work better than the armband? Do I use armband and patch. Do I take meclizine instead? What has worked best for people? Thanks


The patch is good, but my advice is to eat as soon as you can and try to never have an empty stomach especially if the sea is a little wild. I was also told that a green apple works well. A trick to find your sea legs is to drink a little :) In other words, a cruise ship is a place to party so don't be shy!!!


I'm not sure what the BEST cure is but my husband suffers from really bad airsickness and seasickness and we just try a bunch of different things at once! =) We don't really like Dramamine because of the drowsiness but we try the sea-band bracelets, and ginger candy and ginger pills. Supposedly ginger helps with nausea and such.


Ginger is the can get it in pill form at any nutrition store or pharmacy.Start taking it about 24 hours before you board and all during the cruise.My mother has sever motion sickness and has been doing this for years and has yet to get seasick! Good luck! P.S. you should always keep your stomach full..bread is a great way to do that!


We took our first cruise in November. I bought patches and pills. I found that when I used the patch, my mouth became very dry and my throat began to hurt. That happened before I even boarded the ship. I took it off and I was fine. No seasickness during the whole cruise. If I were you I'd bring whatever you think you'd need. It would be better to have them onhand in case you need them. Seasickness is a horrible feeling and if it gets bad enough it can ruin your whole cruise.


[size=medium] The best cure is to not take a cruise:eek:.... now that we have eliminated the best cure, let's explore other options... sea bands work very well... my 80 year old Mom(at the time) who is very prone to motion sickness used them and experienced no problems on her first cruise... Daughters, GF have both used the sea bands and experienced no problems.... The Purser's Desk have sea sick pills at no charge if the bands do not work..... GOOD LUCK ~~!!~~[/size] X(


aghmom said:
First time cruisers wants to be prepared. Does patch work better than the armband? Do I use armband and patch. Do I take meclizine instead? What has worked best for people? Thanks
I like ginger for two reasons. 1) It was the only thing that worked on Mythbusters. 2) It is not a drug.

As an added bonus, you can take ginger after you start to feel sick and it will still help. I took one every morning before breakfast (with a glass of water) and every evening before dinner (with a glass of water) on one cruise that had a storm following us. Several people did get sick, but I didn't (and I get sea sick easily - though never on a cruise ship).


I love the patch because I don't have to worry about it for at least half the cruise. Having said that...if you plan on drinking any alcohol I'd suggest you try something different. The directions frown on alcohol consumption while wearing the patch it enhances some of the affects. I have trouble reading in the car without getting sick so I've not been brave enough to try getting on the ship without the patch. We have also found that it does cause dry mouth for awhile. We also no longer put it on before we board. We usually are on board fairly early. My husband puts his patch on after the muster station drill, I usually put mine on right before that. The Patch is by prescription only.

I have read about a new product Travel Ease....found at Walmart that has a liquid form and a pill form. The liquid you put behind your ear at the first sign of trouble....I've purchased some of it for our next trip.


I've taken five cruises so far and have tried everything from wrist bands to nux vomica. For me, the patch works like a charm. You put it on and forget it for three days (be careful not to touch the patch and then touch your eyes as you may experience blurry vision) Yes, it does have dry mouth as a side-effect, but I'd rather drink extra fluids than run to the bathroom every hour. Everyone is different, so you may want to bring several remedies to find out which works best for you.


A friend of mine recently used the patch and had some reactions to the patch. On our cruise in December we had really rough seas and my cabin mate had to go to the infirmary the following morning to get something for vomiting. (It was her 10th cruise and first time having even a hint of sea sickness) I even had a touch of it and it was my 5th, so just because you never got sick before, doesn't mean you won't. The nurse in the infirmary discouraged use of the patch and said that they didn't even carry them because to many people had worse reactions to the patch than the actually sea sickness. Ginger and Meclezine would be my choices.