We will be traveling on Carnival Spirit on July 6th and wondered about getting seasickness medication ahead of time. Has anyone gotten seasick and what works the best?
Thanks! Can't wait!


I was on a two week cruise in Alaska on a ship about one forth the size of the Spirit and never had a problem (and I get sea sick easy). While the ship is in the inside passage the waters are protected and are usually more like a small lake. Only when you get into the Gulf of Alaska (the northern part of the cruise) will there be any chance to get sea sick. On one on our 23,000 GRT ship did. As to medication, you should ask your doctor.


Regarding seasickness....I asked a clerk at a travel store if she recommended anything and she showed me these elastic wristbands that have a button-type thing on them that presses against your acupuncture point on your wrist. She said they worked for her on an Alaska cruise, but I am wondering if anyone else has had experience with anything of this type and if it worked? I didn't buy any as I didn't want to base a decision on one person's experience. I hope they work, as I would rather do that than take medication if possible.


I have a friend who gets motion sickness in cars and she tried the accupressure wrist band and it did work for her. It's worth a try I'd think.


We were on the Spirit the middle of May and had no problems with seasickness at all. I do have the wrist band and wore it at times, but I really don't think it was needed. My sister-in-law always carries something called Motion Eze with her because she is prone to sea sickness. You just put it on if you start feeling bad and it will work. That is not the case with most Dramamine, which you had to take before getting sick. Have a great cruise.


I get seasick very easily. I have used the wristbands, patches and Meclizine. Do not like the patches at all--can cause severe problems in some people. The wristbands have worked for me, but try Meclizine. You do not need a perscription but you do need to ask for it at the pharmacy as they do not put it out on the shelf. I get mine at Costco.


I have seen Meclizine on the shelf at Target and wondered about it. Dramamine makes makes me so sleepy I might not feel seasick, but I would miss the entire cruise snoozin'! Can anyone who is affected similarly tell me whether I would have the same problem with Meclizine?


Some people have said Meclizine can cause drowsiness, but I was not affected at all. Bonine (sp ?) nondrowsy is also available and I believe WalMart carries that.


We're taking our first cruise in a week and I've been worried about seasickness, too. I've used the wristbands with great success on other boats & on trains. I get seasick REALLY easy! I tried the patch once, but it made me sick!! Was later told to cut it into quarters and use just a quarter at a time.

My sister uses an electronic wristband - looks like a watch worn on the inside of the wrist. She swears by it.

I'll post a seasickness report when we get back!