Seattle Hotels



The wife and I are taking our first cruise 6/18 on the Sun Princess (35th wedding anniversary).

The game place is to fly in Saturday (noonish) get a room and browse around Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning prior to boarding the ship.

The questions are:

How do you get from the airport?

Decent place to stay downtown without needing a bank I'd like to stay under $150 bucks.

How do you get to the ship from the hotel?

And the last question there anything else I should keep in mind???

Thanks for the great info on this site...


cruisers from ohio

I have never been to Seattle, but I would give Priceline a shot. I bid yesterday $60 for a downtown Vancouver hotel. We got a Westin for $60. The Expedia rate was $254. I use them quite often and have always been pleased. Cruisers from Ohio


Thanks "Cruisers from Ohio" for the info...

I just made reservations at the HI Express by the Needle...

Counting the days!!!!!!!!!


now that you have a hotel....I can give a little more advice.
The Space needle of course is a must if you can do the height. Food up there is OK. not great. Lots of other things happening around the bottom of the SP.
The mono rail to down down is currrently out of comission and it does not look good for repairs as the parts were one of and that was a long while ago.
Seattle had grreat restaurants/ Cab would be the best way to get around to specific places but they do (did) have free busing inside certain areas going downtown to Pikes Market etc. Your hotle shud know for sure.

Krazy Kruizers

We have stayed at the Downtown Sheraton many times.

We take Grayline Bus from the airport to the hotel.


We are going on the Sun Princess the week after you. There are 5 of us. My wife and 3 daughters 17, 16 and 8. the cruise line wanted to charge us $79 per person to stay at the Double tree hotel the day before the cruise and $18 per person for transfers the next day to the ship. Total $485

I looked online and the Double tree had what they called a pre-cruise package for $169. plus taxes came to $189. It included an X-large room with 2 queen size beds , transfers from the airport to the hotel and transfers to the ship the next day. If it is just you and another person they had the same deal in a regular size room for $159 I think it might be worth looking into.
Hope this helps and enjoy your Cruise!


We stayed at the Westin and with the bedding and service it was 5 stars!!!!!!! There is nothing that beats the "heavenly beeding" well except my own :)

But it was close to the port and shops galore!!!!!!! We will go again and soon!!!!!!!


Just booked the Sheraton Downtown - $169.00. As KrazyCruiser said, you can take the greyline to your hotel.