Sensation 03/08/03


Jeff & Susana

After a 12+ year absense we have finally booked our 3rd cruise!

Sensation 03/08/03 5 nights, western.

Gotta get a count down clock started now!


This just goes to show that once you cruise it is in your blood forever. Our last cruise was about six years ago. Don't remember exactly. Our first was on Big Red Boat Atlantic and two years later on the Sensation. Then several years of paying for college for three kids left us with little funding for cruise. Now everyone is graduated, married and at last we are on our own time! I'm sure the Sensation has changed since we were last aboard, but when we were there ( accompanied by our then 16 year old daughter) we had a grand time. Hope your cruise is as enjoyable as ours was.


Jeff & Susana

Our first cruise was a Disney deal on the Big Red Boat Oceanic, also with our 2 children of 5 & 12. All of us, kids included, liked the boat better than Disney!
(go figure)
Wife and I booked a second cruise upon return.
(couldn't wait to get back on a boat, minus the little ones)
That time it was NCL's Southward to Mexico.
Soon then after we had 2 kids in private schools and our cruise funds were soon drained.
Our children are also now grown and we are slowly recovering our travel funds.
Rather than wait for enough to cover a 7 day we are starting with a 5 night'r for our anniversary.
We did manage to sneak a weekend or two per year trip to Las Vegas during the cruise lapse but after returning last month minus enough $$ to pay for a nice cruise we have decided that after 28 LV visits you really cannot win.

We're so ready to cruise we're going a day early!

It is in your blood forever.................