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Sent to NCL = Room descriptions on Pride of America

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by UnhappyGrandad, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. UnhappyGrandad

    UnhappyGrandad Active Member

    I have recently returned from a week on the Pride of America. We returned home on July 25, after spending an additional week in the Islands. I must express my severe displeasure with your irresponsible and blatantly false representation of the 2-Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite (Unit 9000 – AC). My family will never know of the destruction you have done to almost two years of my planning.

    Planning began on this cruise in late 2008. NCL representatives recommended the 2-Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite would be the best way to travel to the Hawaiian Islands and celebrate them with my family of 4 adults and 1 child (14 years old). Our cruise was booked in October 2008. I was led to believe there would be two bedrooms and a separate area with sofa bed to easily accommodate five people. My wife was the only other family member who knew of our accommodations on the ship.

    Initial boarding was a pleasure. Our luggage was marked with the RED PRIORITY stickers. We literally flew through the registration process. I could see the questions in my family’s eyes at what was happening. I was “in heaven.†We were on board by 12:45 PM and our suite was available at 4:00 PM.

    Imagine my total shock when I realized that the only separation between the first bedroom and the sitting area was a curtain. Then I discovered there was NO sofa bed. The final indignation was that the second bedroom was an inner cabin with NO window/porthole. My grandson was to sleep on a pull down bed that left about 18 inches of headroom above his parents’ bed. See attached photo.

    The only viable alternative was to have housekeeping bring in a roll away bed every evening, and not use the pull down. The roll away would be placed in the open sitting area. Since there would be very limited or no privacy, my daughter and her husband would sleep in the main bedroom with him, while my wife and I would use the second bedroom. Note: The bed delivered to us was so worn that my grandson attempted to sleep at either end, away from the middle. He was AFRAID to say anything.

    The historical rule of “first on the ship/last luggage delivery†was in effect. Our “RED PRIORITY TAGS†meant nothing. Our “priority†luggage finally arrived at 7:00PM and was placed outside the suite, in the hallway. There was no offer of assistance to either bring them in or help with unpacking. This was another advertised courtesy to suite passengers that never really existed.

    In summary, due totally to your use of false advertising and incorrect information concerning the true accommodations on Pride of America, my major goal of having the family travel in comfort and luxury was destroyed for me. I spent approximately $2400.00 per day for seven days to sleep in an inner cabin with no windows and use a bathroom that was so small I could not get a suitable photo. When I shaved, the water actually wet the toilet seat! My nights were so upsetting that I never turned on the 30-year-old, 9-inch screen television in this room from hell. See attached photo.

    I will be posting this information on “Cruise Criticâ€, “NCLâ€, other web sites, and sending it to ICE Gallery on Tuesday, August 3, 2010. This permits you five business days to respond to my letter. I will include any response from NCL, with your approval, in the web report.

    Hopefully, I may warn other travelers, in advance, before they accept NCL accommodations or information. The severe inaccuracies in your literature and false statements by your NCL representatives are a disgrace to the cruise industry.
  2. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    Let me say, I am so sorry for your disappointment. I hope other than the sleeping arrangements your cruise proved to be one of pleasure.

    I have not seen the particular cabin but I have seen many suites on other NCL ships and they have always been as good or better than other lines. In fact even those who are not NCL supporters usually agree that NCL does the best with suties, both perks wise and otherwise. Obviously you have found this not true.

    Did you ask your travel agent about the exact accommodations or if you didn't use an agent, did you check the diagram on the NCL Websit? Like all other websites they have the entire floor plan available.

  3. UnhappyGrandad

    UnhappyGrandad Active Member

    Everyone likes something different.

    To answer your questions, the diagrams and descriptions by NCL people do not show that the second room is totally inside, there is no sofa bed, and the fifth person sleeps on a pull down. The staff were all as accommodating as they should be. Note that my issue is solely with how the room layout did not match what was promised.

    That being said, I can not comment on either the quality or layout of any other NCL suite, nor on any other NCL ship.

    We have cruised on suites on HAL and Royal Caribbean, but not with 5 people. For a family, NCL may be better, but the suite accommodations need to be better described. Had I known about the true layout, I would have likely opted for 2 suites instead of the "Family Suite".

    Although I have not received a response from NCL, their web description for the 2-Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite on Pride of America has been RADICALLY changed.
  4. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    Then you achieved what you wanted, wouldn't you say? Or do you expect something more? Other than an apologize, I don't know what NCL can do for you. I am glad they corrected the website. Yes, I just checked it and found the discription quite clear.

    I agree, you probably would have been better with 2 suites or 1 suite and 1 balc cabin in close proximity.

    I do think your comment about NCL's representatives being a disgrace to the industry isn't going to win you many points with NCL and may create a situation where you get no response. I hope not.

    Last edited: Aug 8, 2010
  5. UnhappyGrandad

    UnhappyGrandad Active Member

    I would not expect anything other than a statement from NCL saying "We have corrected our descriptions...etc.". Sadly, not even an acknowledgment of my letter was received.

    My travel agent was as shocked as I was on the difference between description and reality on the room layout.

    My primary purpose in placing my note on this and other web sites was to alert everyone to the need to totally do your homework. This was MY ERROR in not attempting to confirm the room structure. I trusted the original NCL agent. I would have thought she would be obligated to fully explain the package. Everything else on the trip was as planned or expected, thanks partially to Cruise Addicts and other similar web sites.

    Sorry, but you will not get me to discuss the differences between suites and perks on other cruise lines. You get what you pay for...My wife and I will use other lines instead of NCL. That is our option.
  6. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    It's not unusual for a response to a complaint (or compliment) from any cruise line to take up to 8 weeks.
  7. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    Of course it is your option. Most of us, unless we have the time and money to cruise several times a year have one of two lines we prefer. I beleive you have pretty much indicated on another board this may have been your first suite experience. I think, which has been pointed out NCL has the best perks as reported by most of the professional cruise writers and agents. This does not deminish your disappointment.

    You are right, do your homework, read varies cruise forums like this and make sure you do know what you are getting or at least as close as possible.

    As for NCL agents not being honest, I would have to ask, how is it your were dealing with both a travel agent and an NCL agent. Being in the business, I am a little surprised at that.

    Anyway, hopefully your experience will help others. I know it certainly would help me if I didn't already know what to expect in a suite.

  8. UnhappyGrandad

    UnhappyGrandad Active Member

    1. I have never intentionally indicated this was my first suite experience. Except for old Windjammer cruises, my past several cruises have all been in suite accommodations. Your statement that I have indicated this was my first suite experience is in error. Please note that in this forum, just below, I have said, "We have cruised on suites on HAL and Royal Caribbean,..."

    2. As a consumer, I have every right to contact anyone I choose when making a purchase. After first determining that NCLA was my only current choice for a totally exclusive inter-island cruise, I investigated all my options before contacting the agency I usually use to make my arrangements. Would you not expect that NCL telephone agents would be one source of information? I also reviewed both this web site and others to fully understand the good and the bad of this cruise. I made all of our on-island tours and reservations separate from the NCLA offers. That also was based upon suggestions from these boards. My family truly enjoyed the cruise. I believe that POA (and perhaps NCl) is better oriented to family scenarios than HAL or others.

    3. Your statement "...NCL has the best perks as reported by MOST of the professional cruise writers and agents." can not be accurately validated. The suite accommodations and associated perks are radically different on each cruise line. There is no way to compare the personal treatment my wife and I received as suite passengers on a recent med cruise to the treatment we received on POA. I would NEVER expect it to be the same. Even at the cost of this trip, I did not pay, nor expect, to get the same level of personal treatment. Nowhere in any of my message traffic have I commented on either the suite "perks" or the POA staff. My issue is solely with the description of the suite I reserved compared to the actual suite. By REMOVING the "layout" from this suite's description on their web site, NCLA has (to me) admitted their error. I truly did not enjoy sleeping in an inside room.

    4. This discussion is not "what to expect in a suite". The issue I have attempted to address is what to expect when comparing a description to reality, and doing your homework. Note that we spent the week following the cruise in a two bedroom suite at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu. This suite was exactly as described in their literature. Granted the rooms were bigger than on a ship, I am not pushing that. The description of the two bedrooms and sitting area on the Hilton web site exactly matched the accommodations that Hilton delivered. That is what I would want and expect a company such as NCLA to do, or at least ATTEMPT to do. Their agents should be better informed, or be willing to thoroughly discuss the accommodations. This did not happen.
  9. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    wow, you are totally misisng my point. I agree with most of what you are saying. Yes, you have every right to contact anyone you want. I just happen to know, if you are working with a travel agent, you can not contact the cruise line. They will not answer a single question as the booking actually belongs to the agent, not the consumer. That is why I questioned your comment about your agent being shocked.

    As for varifying the suite perks, yes this can be vaified. It would take some work as one would have to go back to the print media (travel magazines) If you have time you can do this, if not, it really doesn't make any difference as you say. Your concerns are with the discription and not the perks.

    I am glad you found the discription of the Hilton correct. Being I happen to be a retired Hilton supervisor. I will add, thank goodness you found the information on the site, cause many of the agents would not have been able to totally answer you. this is a problem with all companies. The agents, in many cases are clueless, no matter how hard we try to train and coach them.

    By the way, my second favorite cruise line is HAl. I agree it fits some people's needs better than NCL, yours for sure.

  10. UnhappyGrandad

    UnhappyGrandad Active Member

    Thanks to everyone....

    for both their comments and suggestions.

    I would not, and do not, expect NCLA to make me any financial rebate or discount offer. I would appreciate some type of acknowledgement that the description of the entire suite should have been more accurate and their personnel more thorough.

    The error is mine, as well as NCL. My wife and I have never had a disappointing suite on other lines, and the rooms always matched the published layout. Consequently, I never considered this would be different. I will certainly use the recommended web site to check any room in the future.

    For the record, I spent almost $37,000 treating my family to a, high-end, two week Hawaiian vacation. I have every right to be concerned that when I booked a category AC Suite on Pride of America, one of the bedrooms was actually category JJ...and I found out the hard way.

    Happy Cruising - my next big vacation will be land-locked.
  11. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Again, sorry you had such an unpleasant experience, but

    Stateroom images are representations only

    Norwegian Pride of America Deck Plans | Cruise Ship Amenities | Norwegian Cruise Line

    should have raised a red flag to you as a seasoned cruiser, expert in suites, and/or your travel agent as a good travel professional.

    You will note that the link is to NCL, not a third party site. Booking a "two bedroom" suite, this image should clearly have raised a red flag on your part as well...

    [​IMG] 2-Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite

    Living room, private balcony, two separate bedrooms-one with a king-size bed and walk-in-closet and one with two lower beds, two TVs, two bathrooms-one with bath and shower. Butler service and concierge available.


    The lack of a second bedroom and bath in this image of the AC Suite should have been questioned before booking.

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