September 7 on Amsterdam



We're sailing to Alaska on HAL's Amsterdam on September 7. The docs are in, piles of what to take has started, and we're counting the days. We leave early, fly to Seattle for a few days, then on to Victoria for 4 days. Back to Seattle again and then it's time to board. We really wanted to go on a Med cruise butr the one we booked a year ago was cancelled. We weren't sure about cruising to Alaska, but are getting more and more excited everyday. I've cruised the Agean, Caribbean and Pacific (Hawaii), but this will be my first trip cruising to Alaska (I've visted Anchorage a few times).


would love to hear a review from you and what you thought of Alasksa. We were there in June and loved it. got a nieces and her husbands folks just got back they took the Holland. You could have been on the same ship. She didn't like it at all the weather in September in Alaska what did she expect.