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September Sailings

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by doreen, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. doreen

    doreen Guest

    Work will permit me to take vacation in early/mid September. Given the choices I am most interested in an Alaskan cruise. Would love to have honest assesssments as to the weather during this time, I realize it's not optimum, however cold rain each day does not interest me.

    There is a great deal on Celebrity sailing 9/7.

    I took my first cruise in May and I am hooked.
  2. dusty

    dusty Guest

    hi doreen

    i will be sailing the inner passage on the carnival spirit the 10th thu the 17th in sept.
    this will be my first cruise so cant answer you question, but i will be so happy to be on the trip the weather is not going deter me. nice sunny days would be great but i live in the midwest and our weather is not that great most of the time. have a great time and i hope the weather is nice for you. dusty
  3. doreen

    doreen Guest

    oh you will love cruising. I took my first one in May and it is truly a delight.I hear that Alaska is more scenic than the Caribbean so it should be fab.

    Have a great time Dusty. I've seen your postings and you have a great attitude.

  4. dusty

    dusty Guest

    thank you doreen for the nice words.

    i live an everyday life with problems like everyone. i try to have a positive attitude, appreciate my wonderful family, and live a wholesome clean life. this cruise is mainly all i think about right now and i love to read what others say about theirs and check out their questions and answers. i cant wait to get on that ship and meet all the great passengers and have a good time. i hope you do also. dusty
  5. Sestra

    Sestra Guest

    Look at it like some friends in Seattle told me. If you waited for good weather to get outdoors, you might never spend a day in the fresh air. In other words, just enjoy what comes. Wear the right weather gear and be flexible. Layer layer layer, is what I've been told. If it's really just too awful, there are enough activities on board to keep you busy. Or just plain relaxing is always nice too. Being out in the liquid sunshine can be refreshing as long as it isn't a monsoon of course. :) My only concern with my Seot 20th cruise is roughness in the Inner Passage. People say it isn't always as calm as you might think. I hate being seasick lol.
  6. DianeD

    DianeD Guest

    I'm booked for my first Alaskan cruise sailing September 6th. I understand the weather is unpredictable, but I'll enjoy every minute regardless. I chose a September date to hopefully avoid tons of kids.

    Hey, last December we cruised the Caribbean -- great time of year in the islands, right. Well, it rained and stormed 5 out of 7 days. The weather was so bad that Grand Cayman would not let us tender in -- had to skip that port.

    Anyway, there's no control over weather, unfortunately. I make the best of it and just enjoy the ship. :)

    55 days to Alaska Inside Passage - Star Princess :dance
  7. AnnW

    AnnW Guest

    Well, somebody said they booked a September cruise to Alaska to avoid kids! I'm sorry to tell you this, but the average cruiser to Alaska are middle-aged and above, and VERY few kids. Our first cruise to Alaska (I was 52, my husband 58) was in June of 1999 -- "peak season" for kids...and we saw maybe a dozen pretty well-behaved youngsters on board (the Island Princess).

    September weather in Alaska -- think late fall in the midwest. High 40's to high 50's. It rains *a lot* in Alaska, particularly in the lower part, from Vancouver, to Skagway, Ketchikan, so it's important to be ready for rain -- and an extra pair of shoes wouldn't hurt, as your feet can get wet and cold.

    Even in late June we wished we'd brought gloves -- standing on deck, watching the glaciers, got QUITE cold on the hands! And yes, dress in layers. It can be quite chilly on the ship -- wind off glaciers is icy!, and then when you get into the towns away from the wind, it can be warm and sunny.

    I just read that Anchorage had it's hottest day in 40 years, a day or so ago -- got to 84 degrees! They must have thought they were in Hades! It NEVER is that warm, there. When we were there in late June, it was in the low 70's, and people were complaining that it was too warm.

    We're heading to Alaska ourselves in early September (August 30 - September 6) and already have laid out gloves and a scarf.. Won't be unprepared this time! :)
  8. DianeD

    DianeD Guest

    AnnW --- thanks for the info about kids, or lack of kids on Alaskan cruises. We're glad to know that the average Alaska cruiser is middle-aged ... we'll fit right in. :)
  9. worfsmom

    worfsmom Guest

    I CAN HARDLY WAIT................NO KIDS !!!!!!
    Our Easter cruise last year was the cruise from - - - - ! Thanks to the little darlin's
    (750 15 yr olds)
    We leave Sept 14, and am prepared for RAIN SLEET SNOW....I don't care. We're middle age too
  10. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Our first cruise was in 1999 in September to Alaska and we have been hooked ever since :grin
    Since then we have sailed in May and September and we should have been sailing this September but we had to cancel the trip recently due to hubby's job :(
    In the 3 cruises we have taken to Alaska we have only ever had one VERY bad day of rain and that was in Ketchikan, we wore our rain coats and had a great day anyway!
    ( I am originally from the UK so I am used to rain :lol )
  11. doreen

    doreen Guest

    I am impressed. It must be spectacular if you ahve been that many times. Thanks for the encouragement.

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