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September Weather - Alaska Inside Passage

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by defrue, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. defrue

    defrue Guest

    Greetings! We will be taking our first cruise this September on the Oosterdam and are wondering what to expect the weather to be from Sept 17-24?
  2. LaCat3

    LaCat3 Guest

    We did 3 day inside passage in early September, 2001 followed by 9 days land starting from Vancouver. It was cool, brisk and some fog but still beautiful. No bugs.

  3. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    I just got back last week from Alaska on the Radiance. We had one very sunny day (swimming pool weather), two partly sunny days, one cold and rainy day ( Hubbard Glacier) the rest overcast. You could wear a light jacket every day but at Hubbard Glacier. I was on the Oosterdam a few months ago and we were in Juneau with her last week, I have a great picture of the Oosterdam in Juneau. If you want to see it, e-mail me...or wait for my photo gallery of Frank's Radiance in a few more days.
  4. defrue

    defrue Guest

    Frank....Thanks for the information. After several weeks of temps in the mid to high 90's here in the DC area we're looking forward to the cooler weather of Alaska! With any luck we'll get a few sunny days.

    I can't wait to see the pictures!


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