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September weather

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by andrea, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. andrea

    andrea Guest

    I'm cruising to Alaska in 2003 in early September. I've read lots of things about what the weather is typically like during the summer, but since this is the shoulder season, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Anyone been there in September to help me out?
  2. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    All those tips you heard about dressing in layers applies to September also. It can be the best month and it might not be. Usually the first weeks are pretty good along the coast. Fog does start to be a bit of a problem further north. Cross your fingers.
  3. Shar

    Shar Guest

    Hi Andrea!
    We're getting ready for our 3rd September cruise. There's no way to predict Alaskan weather. The first time we went, it was beautiful in-land from Anchorage to Denali and rain showers in Seward. College Fjord was beautiful and Glacier Bay was cloudy and gray. It was rainy at all the inside passage towns (Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan).

    Last September it was rainy in Anchorage, but cleared quickly. Seward and the Kenai peninsula were sunny and warm - just cold around Exit Glacier and wind-breaker weather in the town of Kenai. The inside passage was beautiful. We only had rain in Juneau! Specifically, it was sunny in College Fjord, Glacier Bay, Skagway, and Ketchikan!! The only coat weather was near the glaciers in Glacier Bay.

    All you can do is be totally prepared for everything!

  4. Katrina

    Katrina Guest

    I have a friend that leaves tomorrow. Friday the 13th. Have been doing some research on the weather in Alaska. If the weather channel.com is correct the last time I checked it was upper 50's with rain everywhere, At all ports. Will let you know what the weather was when she gets back. She talked to a friend that had just got back, said the weather was beautiful. Just go prepared for anything and everything, Kat
  5. andrea

    andrea Guest

    Thanks for all the great info!
  6. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    Yes it is now Friday the 13th. Here on the South Coast the weather is unusually warm and sunny. I thing it's going to get to around 27 C.today and tomorrow. Just great. Further up the coast it's not so nice.
  7. PatJ

    PatJ Guest

    Just returned and everywhere we went we were told that the weather was unusual for our touring. Only had sprinkles and a few short rain showers a few times. We were fortunate with our land-tour too. We were told this was the best viewing for wildlife all summer in Denali. Wore our heavy jackets the last 3 days. Layered the other days, except when on the ship in Hubbard Glacier- It was cool, but later after the sun came out, we were comfortable with sweatshirts. Have fun planning and if you have any questions. You can e-mail me. I'd go again and envy you your trip. Pat
  8. Niteowl

    Niteowl Guest

    We left Vancouver on Sept 2 for a 7 day round trip. Had great weather. Only time we had rain was in Ketchican (of course). Everywhere we went people told us that we were very lucky as it had rained so much during the 3 weeks previous. A friend of mine left on the same trip on Sept 13 and they had rain almosst every day. Guess you just never know so have to be prepared for anything. You will have a great time. I will definitely go again and I would also go the first week of Sept. again. Hardly any kids, lots of wildlife that time of year and the sales in the stores were incredible.
  9. ashuma

    ashuma Guest

    Was on the Septemer 7 Amsterdam cruise and had great weather. Even had sunshine in Ketchikan, Only small amount of rain in Sitka. Clouds while viewing Hubbard Glacier and some clouds in Juneau -- no rain. And temps mainkly in high 50's to mid 60's. Can't complain at all. I'd go in September any time.

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