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Share Red October

Discussion in 'Europe' started by bobharvey, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. bobharvey

    bobharvey Guest

    need up to 3 more couples to share Red October tour of st petersburg on the JUly 3 2004 sailing on the Constellation
  2. KruzinVet

    KruzinVet Guest

    We're also looking for a few couples to share Red October excursions in St. Petersburg in September. We'll be on the Norwegian Dream, sailing from Dover on Aug. 29, 2004. Please contact via email if interested. Jack
  3. moonm

    moonm Guest

    Eight of us will be using Red October on the July 22 St. Pete visit. They have been very responsive so far to our email requests. Am very favorably impressed with them in the planning stages. Would appreciate an update from anyone who has recently used them. Am hoping my initial impression holds true. Thanks for any comments.
  4. Bobbi

    Bobbi Guest

    We are also looking to share a tour. We will be there are July 15 and 16 with the HAL Princedam. I also have written e-mail to them at rols@redoctober.spb.ru and haven't gotten a reply. Any ideas why??
  5. KruzinVet

    KruzinVet Guest

    Hi Bobbi,

    Laura's probably just up to her eyeballs with work. But you might try an alternate address: redoctober@peterlink.ru

    Our party of 9 has finalized arrangements with R.O., and received our excursion tickets a few days ago. You'd better hurry up with your plans. You'll have quite a bit of correspondence with Laura before you're booked, and you don't have much time before your cruise. You have to give her all the passport info for each member of your party, and she has to mail you those important tickets. Good luck!


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  6. Bobbi

    Bobbi Guest

    How did you find the other people to take the tour with or are they people you are going on the cruise with? I sent e-mail to the other address, and just tried to call but didn't get an answer. So after you book they need to send you the paperwork-you just can't give her you passport information by e-mail? I hope I hear soon because everyone is so positive on the company. I wrote to another called travel in russia and they sent e-mail back immediately, but I rather go with Red October.
  7. toots

    toots Guest

    Just came back from the Baltic and Red October tour - we recommend them highly. We found fellow cruisers on cruisecritic.com message board under Ports of Call - Baltic to share the tour with. RO got us to the front of all the lines, a big benefit. They took care of any visas, all we needed to get off the ship was their letter and our passports. They were right there waiting for us with a van.
  8. janem

    janem Guest

    Help! We have e_mailed Red October 3 times and had no reply. Even faxed and no reply.Does any one know if there are problems with them? We have tried the 2 e-mail addresses we have.RO's own site say you get a reply within 24 hours.
  9. moonm

    moonm Guest

    Just returned from Baltic cruise. Four couples arranged to use Red October a few months before cruise for our two day stay in St. Pete. Can't say enough about them. We worked with Olga to set up itinerary. She was most responsive to our change requests. Upon our arrival in St. Pete we were met by our tour guide, Helen. She's the best. Pleasant, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about Russian and Baltic history. At end of second day we were presented with our individual invoices for the two day tour. Invoice was accurate to the penny. Pre-cruise info received from them was most helpful in assuring that we got off the ship before ship sponsored tour groups although you will have to get to the gangway early and be ready to go as soon as imigration clears the ship. Only group that got off ahead of us was a group flying to Moscow. Immigration was fast and easy although they sure are not the most pleasant group of folks you will ever encounter. A bright, cheery "good morning" will elicit a rather begrudging response. No problems however. Helen was able to get our small group of 8 in ahead of the long lines everywhere. This is the only way to see St. Pete. Forget the ships large busload tours--just too many people in each group to see the incredible museums, palaces, etc.

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