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Share Rome Tour RC Brilliance Fri Aug 18

Discussion in 'Europe' started by pindky, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. pindky

    pindky Guest

    Looking for people to share a private car for the full day in Rome on Friday Aug. 18 (we're on RC Brilliance of the Sea.) -- It will be hot and humid and an air conditioned car for the day while taking a tour of Rome will help. We are taking two tours that day, one of Jewish Rome and one of the tour guides most special places in classic rome.

    Links are below:

    http://www.jewishroma.com/jtour.htm (Jewish Ghetto Tour - 2 hours)
    http://www.jewishroma.com/classictour.htm#rome (Classic rome - 3 hours)

    Please email if interested. The private car for the day is 600 Euro.

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