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Share St. Petersburg tour 5-19-04

Discussion in 'Europe' started by iris, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. iris

    iris Guest

    Anybody going on the Grand Princess to Baltic Heritage cruise on 5-19-04 and want to share a st. petersburg tour.
  2. Bean

    Bean Guest


    We are taking the cruise to St. Petersburg. We have been there before and would like to take a full day tour of the Hermitage. When you go on the ship tours, you really are rushed through everything and it can get hectic. We are obtaining a Visa, which is necessary for all independent tours, and would like to spend some time just going through the collection at the Hermitage. We are interested in the period of art of 15th/16th century and, therefore, would like to spend time in that particular period of art at the Hermitage. We are looking into Discovering Russia, which has received postive reviews and also Red October, which can be booked through the ship. I don't know if our interests would intersect, but we would like to look into sharing one of these indpendent tours.

  3. iris

    iris Guest

    Hi: When are you going on the cruise? Are you going on the Baltic cruise through Grand Princess? We are going 5-19-04 and would consider doing a private tour with someone else. We probably will be getting our visa through the russian embassy since we went to take the Moscow tour through Princess. Would love to hear from you. Iris
  4. lainie

    lainie Guest

    just testing...
  5. Bean

    Bean Guest


    Sorry we took so long to get back with you. Yes, we would be interested in taking a day tour on each of the two days we will be in port. I don't know if you will have that much time if you are going to Moscow. We are going on the Princess cruise on May 19, and plan to spend all our time in St Petersburg.
  6. JudyB

    JudyB Guest

    Hi Bean,

    My husband and I are also going on the Gand Princess on May 19th (can't wait), and we are looking for other couples to share costs for St Petersburg for both days. I have already contacted Red October a highly recommended tour company in St. Petersburg., and have received a very nice letter and sample itinerary from them. Let me know if you are interested and I will share the info with you. It would me most cost effective if we have about 1o people. Beats travelling on a coach with 60 oher people.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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