She lives!


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Apparently that is an accomplishment. I am on my lapttop so it is very hard to type.

I thought I had the flu again. Then Monday I woke up with dry heaves, pain pain pain in my back and a fever of 103, Both kept getting worse, until finally by evening nothing was touching it. So I called TJ and told him I was sick. He said to call the Dr exchange and see what he wants me to do. I said I would do that and call him back when Dr B called me. Then I pomptly fell asleep, up and hung it up, but it rang immediately. TJ asked me Mom, what happened? In a minute the sherriff is going to be there. It had actually been over 2 hours he had waited for me. He called them when I didn’t answer. The sherriff called the paramedics and they convinced me I just had to go for a little ambulance drive, I believe the word Morphine had been dangled in front of me.

So, off we went, no lights or siren, darn it, And after multiple blood tests, they have sepsis in my blood--ecoli, bladder infection and at least one other. One of which is only found in cats and dogs.

I even had a knock down drag out fight with the nurse the other night, because of the back pain. They kept saying I had reported pain before and there wasn’t anything else they could do for me. In their

defense I have to say I was cranky, but I could,t get comfortable for anything. So yesterday I got an MRI and it turns out the infection’s in my back,too. It may be more places, but now when I ask for morphine, I get it!.

I have to have antibiotics for the next 6 wks. Don’t know how long I will be in here. I am in St Clare Health Center on Bowles in Fenton mo 63026. They moved me to room 5201. I will have to go back to the nursing home from here.



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Thank you so much for checking in, Connie. You know many of us are worried about you and praying for your recovery. Gosh, when you get sick, you certainly get a doozy of whatever it is.

I hope you recover quickly to get to the next step of being transferred to the nursing facility.

Is your son looking after your kitties?


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Well NOW I know where in the world you another room!!! No wonder no one answered.

Take good care of yourself.......sheesh..what we gonna do with you? I know what we do without you...miss you!


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Connie, so glad to "see" you here. You have really been sick but I'm glad you are feeling better to post. Please get well as soon as you can.


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thanks for checking in I just send you a card with your old room # I am sure they will forward it In put your name on it also. PRAYERS go out to you that you will feel better real soon.


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Connie Cat! We were so worried about you! Glad you checked in, it's wonderful to hear from you. Hope you get things worked out and work your way out of there. Good for you for being your own advocate, you have to do that. Stay in touch if you can.


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Yes, we were all so worried about you and thank God you are getting the care you need. Keep getting better so you can get back to the board F/T! Miss the "where in the world" and your fabulous pictures too.


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Great to see you posting. We miss your stories of your babies. I am glad they finally are giving you stuff to control the pain and that it is working. Take care.



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Connie - So glad that your son called and they got you to the hospital! Best place for you right now - rest and build up your strength!

Sending you hugs!



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Connie, so glad to see you post and to know that you are starting to get better. It may be a long road but know we are all behind you all the way.


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So glad your feeling well enough to post. Keep us updated please as we all worry about you and miss you when you're not on the boards.


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Ahoy There Sweetie!

Just got up. Was wurkin' yesterday evening and got home around midnight.

Good to see you're on the road to recovery. Obviously, many folks were going nutz looking for you. We were begining to think thet either it was a new version of "Where In The World" is 'conniecat'; or, that Simon was holding you hostage?

Welcome home back on-board !


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Like Tobyn really know how to get sick! LOL I'm so glad to see you posting. We have all been worried about you. I for one, as I'm sure many others, have been sending prayers. Take care of yourself.......your furbabies need you....and so do we!


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Oh Connie is was so good to see your post when I got up this morning. At least you are making some improvement. I hope the next update has even better news. Prayers & well wishes continue.