She lives!


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Dang Connie cat...when you get sick, you get sick. So thrilled to see you posting, that means you are on the mend, and we'll look forward to More posts from you. Hang in there and you'll be home before you know it. (((HUGS)))

Donna - dsw

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Hey lady - good to see you are able to post now - - you sure had us all searching everywhere - - you give TJ's somone's number or this place and have him keep in touch when something happens.

Sure glad you are where you can get the needed help - - -ya think them cats gave it to you?

Take care!


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:spyglass:Girl, your a sight for sore eyes! Glad you're able to get on line but buoy of buoy, sounds like to have a long road to recovery.....we will be here :clap:cheering you along and keeping you in our prayers! :sunny:


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Good grief, Connie! If you ever start doing that stuff again, please call the doctor the very minute it starts. Those are NASTY buggies!!!!!! It would be lots better if you stay well, of course, and your furry crew and @ddict buddies would be lots happier!


If you take me serious, it's your problem
So glad to see connie back at the keyboard... my only question is this:

where in the world is fenton Mo. ???

ok, i lied... i got one more.... How in the hell did you manage to get infected by something only found in dogs and cats??? i mena if it's only found in dogs and cats then wouldn't that mean you were a cat???(or dog)???


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Thank God...and the good doctors and medical personnel who have treated and are treating you...
Get well, get stronger and get back to full strength...
All of us @ddicts are with you...
We've missed you here on the boards...

Cruise cutie

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:sunny:FINALLY... I get a real whole day to say I miss you, I pray it all gets resolved, and be good to you..take it one day at a time..and that the pain leaves...HUGE hugs..Joanne