Ship is overbooked, sails in a week out of Venice!


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It happened to me once and they called a couple of months ahead and offered me an equal cruise (the same itinerary) for free, but for the next year.
I could say yes or no, so it was my choice.



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I typically, cannot switch to a different date...Too many variables...Has to fit into my wife's work schedule...We've usually already made reservations for and paid for airline fares, hotels, other items...
So, I would refuse any offer...

The cruise line will keep making progressively better offers to various people--and, eventually, somebody will bite on the offer...and that will solve the issue...

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We have been on several cruises which were over sold.

HAL started to call people who lived near the embarkation port to make deals.

So far we have never been contacted as we don't live near any embarkation ports. But I do know that some people got some pretty good offers.

For us it would not work out because of air lines and their schedules -- we could not change on short notice.

Keep us updated on what happens.


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How does this happen? With modern booking engines, this seems crazy. Any experts know?