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Ship refurbishment schedule

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by raptor1, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. raptor1

    raptor1 Guest

    I was wondering how often RCCL schedules their ships for refurbishment.
    I noticed that the Radiance of the seas got new bedding the last time we
    cruised aboard her, but the public areas seemed to have some worn out
    chairs in the bars and the Solarium had faded cushions on the lounge chairs.
    The woodwork throughout the ship could use some touch up too.
    I realize that these vessels have been in continuous for a few years, but it
    seems like they could use a little help.
    I love the Radiance class ships and will happily sail them in the future.
    Happy Cruising!
  2. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    I used to have a web address that listed all the refurbs but can't find it any more.

    I am surprised that you found the Radiance looking "tired". I was on the old Viking Serenade about five months before she was retired. Yes, there were some signs of wear but overall she was in great shape. I was on Celebrity's Century two years ago just one week before she went in for her major face lift. You would never have guessed it though. Again the ship was "ship shape".

    Radiance of the Seas entered service in 1991 and was refurbished in 1993.
  3. raptor1

    raptor1 Guest

    I'm sorry if I sounded too negative about my favorite ship.
    She's still in great shape and I also cruised on the Viking
    Serenade so I know RCCL takes pride in their ships.
    I just mentioned these few things because it seemed out
    of character for these things to be noticable to me.
    Happy Cruising!
  4. jetblue

    jetblue Guest

    Oh Mbandy that's a typo, I think you meant 2001 and 2003.
  5. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Of course I did...that's what I get for posting while trying to work at the same time. :dizzy

    thanks jetblue :thumb
  6. mastrohome

    mastrohome Active Member

    Can anyone please tell me if the Exporer of the Seas has been refirbished in the last 2 years 2008-2010? I am not very got at the computer stuff please help me. thanks mastrohome@yahoo.com

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