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Many of you have been kind enough to keep checking up on me in email or by phone calls, so here's the latest.

Yesterday, the Wound Specialist said that the large laceration in my left leg - that I dubbed "The Grand Canyon" - was fully healed. Yeay! Five months to the day that the accident happened. He also said that my right leg should be fully healed in 1-2 weeks. Once the legs are fully healed, the Pain Specialist can start treating my bad back which, hopefully, might help my mobility.

I re-started PT on Monday (OUCH).

Friday, a lift is being installed on the back of my SUV and I'll take delivery of a Travel Scooter that I ordered locally.

C@ friends of mine sent me these congratulatory flowers today, for which I thank them. The flash washed out the colors, but it's a really beautiful arrangement.



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Gorgeous flowers! And sure glad that your wound is finally healed. Now take it easy so this doesn't happen again. You have lots of places to go in the next little while.



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Thank you so much for the update and the wonderful news. I am so happy for you. You have been in my prayers daily.


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What wonderful news! I am thankful that you took such great care of the wounds so that they were able to heal fully and properly. The flowers are most definitely deserved!


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Thank you so much for all your kind, and much appreciated, comments as well as your prayers and good thoughts. It has been a very challenging year since November 29th of last year. But many live with worse challenges than mine.

Now for that collection of bubble wrap.......

Again, my hearfelt thanks.

Mary Ann


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Getting this healed has been a long journey for you and am so happy that it is now behind you. Hope you enjoy your new scooter. The flowers are beautiful.


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Wonderful news Mary Ann!!!
Hope the PT helps to get you even more mobile. The scooter will help. After using Nieciez on this last cruise it really made a difference for me. I wasn't near as exhausted at the end of the day & could do so much more.
It was nice talking to you the other day.
Hugs & prayers on on the way to you for more healing & mobility.


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That is wonderful news Mary Ann and such lovely flowers! Good luck with the PT and I wish you lots of happy scootering with your new Go-Go!

H2O babe

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I am pleased to hear that your legs are mending so well. Hopefully the PT will help your mobility improve and you'll be able to get back to cruising. Hugs to you, Mary Ann, and to Pucci, too!



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Mary Ann

What great news!! It has been a long hard road for you. Remember, please even though your legs are healing you take it easy and NO AND I MEAN NO FALLING!!!! Let's keep those prayers going for you.

Big hugs to you.