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Re: Weekend Open House

It is hard even reading everything and thanks everyone for posting all the great pictures. I remember that after my dog bite surg I would ask for ice tea and she would always add a straw on the side for she knew I found it hard to drink without one. I nerver got to cruise with her but I will keep her in my heart from now on with every cruise that I TAKE.
BLUE is with me also today he always enjoyed coming to open house. I know she would want us to have a great cruise every time we go. I will take my ice tea now.


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Re: Weekend Open House

I have so enjoyed seeing all the photos of Mary Ann and reading all the memories she was part of with so many of you. Thank you for sharing. Charles, you picked a PERFECT spot for the open house and I would be honored to join you in a glass of champagne to toast a woman who will never be forgotten. Tucker the dog will bring some treats to share with the furbabies. Mary Ann, bless you on your journey into the sunset. Thank you for being part of our lives.

Jill B

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Re: Weekend Open House

We first met Mary Ann in person in Adelaide, I think it was February 2004, she was sailing on Star Princess and we lived near the harbour. We had exchanged emails and arranged to meet her at the ship; we took her on a bit of a tour of our area and city.
We were to meet her again in 2008 on Volendam's New Zealand cruise but unfortunately she couldn't make it. Then we had the wonderful opportunity to join the 2009 Alaska Duck cruise. What a quacking great time we had!
Mary Ann was the most gracious and generous Lady, a true gentlewoman.

Thank you Charles for the special location to honour our dear friend. I will have a glass of champagne please.

Mama Duck with her flock


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Re: Weekend Open House

Thank you Charles for hosting this open house today. You have chosen a beautiful spot and I know that Mary Ann would love it!

How blessed we were to have Mary Ann in our lives. She was a beautiful lady, inside and out. Like most of you here I met Mary Ann through these forums and I considered her a friend long before I booked a cruise with her. We shared funny stories about being a travel agent, we shared memories of growing up as an only child, we both shared an abiding love for Hawaii and I was always slightly green that she had had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite singers, Alfred Apaka.

Her love of all things cruising was contagious and she was so very generous with her time and knowledge in this field. I am so sorry that you all did not have the opportunity to sail with her!

Her sense of humour was grand and sharp.

Her caring and compassion are well known to all of is her generosity. All were unconditionally and quietly given.

Mary Ann's little gentleman Pucci brought her so much joy and she shared him with us so often that we think of him as our own. I believe she felt the same way about our beloved fur babies....she loved ours too! It is no wonder there is such grief among this group. Mary Ann made us her family and she became a vital part of each of our families. You don't have to share blood to be family but you do have to share love. She did that and we shared our love with her!

Love and hugs to you dear Mary Ann and very special skritches to you Pucci from Murray, Me and the two little furry terrors!

.....To toast Mary Ann...a glass of Dom Perignon s'il vous plait! "Until we meet again!"



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Re: Weekend Open House

Yes, she helped us individually so much. In many ways.

I too remember Simon and his brother/sisters. There was also something with a puppy, but I can't remember the specifics.



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Re: Weekend Open House

I have a saying from Sister Theresa on my fridge. I was just there and saw it and thought, now this personifies what Mary Ann was magnificently. So with champagne glass in hand, I will share it with you: "Do small things with great love." Thank you for the love, Mary Ann.


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Re: Weekend Open House

Abig Hello's to Blue, Tucker, and the two furry terrors of Beryl. Mary Ann would love to have the furry and feathered ones here.

I have some champagne for Karry, Jill, and Beryl. Of course Dom Perignon.

Thanks to Audrey, Karry, Jill, and Beryl for coming.

Calgon, I don't know about Captain Charly.

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Auntie Mary Ann was always so nice to a little kitty like me. She was always so generous to me, my mama and my Grandpa & Grandma. Pucci is a special friend to me and I think of him every day. Here are some pics Auntie Mary Ann had sent my mama awhile back (not sure how to attach - Grandpa can you help?).
Pucci_SunDude_4.jpg Pucci_basket.jpg


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Chloe wanted me to share a story with all the furbabies. Chloe lost Hershel a little over two years ago, and he and Pucci were just about the same age, only a month apart. One year, Pucci picked out the most wonderful coat for Hershel, and when it arrived, my Mom put it on him, and he raced to the the garage door at once. He wanted to go for a ride in the car and would not take no for an answer. From then on, it became the "car coat". Pucci is as caring and giving as his Mommy was, so we hope that Pucci is happy and adjusting to his new home. Thanks Mary Ann and thanks Pucci. I say that we all have a tasty treat in Mary Ann's name.


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Re: Weekend Open House

My heart just goes out to all of you who were SO close to Mary Ann. You could not have found a better friend. I have re-read some of our PMs to each other over the past couple of years. She was such a support to me as I faced cataract surgery and as I was recovering from a very bad fall last year. We joked that she and I had become such klutzes that John should really provide us with bubble wrap. I will not miss our injuries, but I will miss our commiserations.

Reading all of the wonderful things that all of you have posted just makes me even sadder that I never had the opportunity to meet this grand lady in will just have to wait until a later date.............. Until then, I'll toast her final cruise with a nice glass of Moscato d'Asti........gentle breezes and calm seas Mary are so very missed.
Re: Weekend Open House

* sigh *

Where to begin? For Pat and I, it was shortly after our first cruise (together), in March of 2000. For the life of me, I can't place it, but ws back in the earlier C@ days. Before "The Crash". We had just "discovered" Holland America and I was doing my usual, over the top, babbling. Post after post. Before I knew it, Mary Ann had found (another) kindred spirit and (althougC we didn't know it, two more D.I.T.s were hatched! With hundreds, if not thousands of postings, our friendship was forged in iron.

We booked many cruises through Mary Ann, but it wasn't until September, 2009, that we finally managed to break our calendars open when there was a Duck Cruise. At one point, I referred to Mary Ann as "Queen Quack". She laughed and said, "Well then, I suppose that would make you my court jester, wouldn't it?"

While I enjoyed the camaraderie of the Queen-Jester role, and all the silliness that goes with being a member of the Duck Crew, it was getting to know Mary Ann that was the greatest gift. Over time, directly and indirectly, Pat and I came to realize just how absolutely caring, generous and unselfish this lady is. True, she did not suffer fools lightly, but she (thankfully) did distinguish between fools and class-clowns.

The acts of kindness she effected, the hearts she has touched, and the spirits she has lifted are beyond measure.

I've said (posted) it before; but, "
Thank you God for sharing your beautiful child with us. Event though the time was too short, we will always to keep her memory going. The years will pass, voices may fade and even recall eventually fails. But, even then, Mary Ann F. Rizzo will live"

Now, I'll step down from the pulpit, dry my eyes (yet again) and offer a toast,

Ladies and Gentlemen; Drakes and Hens, D.I.T.s, and all ...
Please raise your glasses high ...

"Here's to us; and those like us ... Damned few left ... TO MARY ANN !"

I can only echo what my hubby has said here. I was privileged to speak to Mary Ann on Monday March 12. She sounded wonderful but due to the rigorous schedule her doctors and therapists had her on wasn't sure when there would be time in her busy schedule for us to get together. We left it that she would call me on a slow day and I would be right out. Unfortunately that day never came and I regret not taking the bull by the horns and going anyway. I also knew our dear Mary Ann well and felt I should honor her wishes. We had also talked the night before I left for Arizona and she asked to speak to "Cody" something she did regularly and reminded him that Auntie Mary Ann loved him and was sending scritches and woofs from Sir Pucci. I sure am going to miss those moments. So now tears are falling again and I can hardly see the keys. Just want to say "I love you Mary Ann" and always will. You brought so much joy to John and I, how could we ever forget you. When I get back to Michigan next week I will find the pictures I have of Mary Ann, Pucci and I at Quartz Animal Hospital. They are joyful.


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Re: Weekend Open House

Thanks Chloe for your memories.

And thanks to Horhei, Mgram, and Sunflower for coming and sharing.

Moscato d'Asti.. coming right up, Mgram.



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Re: Weekend Open House

Bread, Timber and I have arrived. We heard of Mary Ann long before we met her. We enjoyed her antics with the Duck Crew long before we were sure what a Duck Crew was. I was honored that she asked me . . .ME (?). . . about activities in Fairbanks for her clients that were coming up on a cruise tour. She made me feel special before we were graced with her presence in San Francisco. By the time we arrived, we felt as if we had all known each other for several years. She was just as at home sitting down to chat with others in a sweat suit as being dressed to the nines for a formal evening.

Class, pure and simple. But in NO WAY boorish or a snob! Actually quite the opposite! Who else but Mary Ann could revel in the joy her simple presence brought to others. One of my favorite photos taken of Mary Ann was during sailaway on the Sea Quack . . . .er . . . um Sea Princess . . . Duck IMG_0478.jpg Oh the fun that was had . . . .

There are far too few people in this world that has touched us as Mary Ann has.

For you Dear, Sweet, Mary Ann, we raise our flutes of Asti in a toast to your honor. We have been blessed to have known and loved you. . . . .


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Re: Weekend Open House

It's late here in Sweden now (almost 2 AM) so time to get some sleep, but I'll be back tomorrow as I guess this Open House is open for all the weekend.

It is nice to read about all great things Mary Ann has done for many of the C@'s and also to find out that she was the caring person that I always felt she was. It makes me feel privileged to have got to know her, if only by posts here and some e-mails. She was truly one of a kind. Cheers, Mary Ann! :cheer:

A bit off the topic of cruising.

But I remember when ConnieCat died and Mary Ann spent a lot of time getting her 3 cats new homes.
My first visit at the Open House back in 2010 was a couple of days after Conniecat passed away and we honored her with a toast.



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Re: Weekend Open House

I raise my champagne glass to the memory of MaryAnn. I'll always treasure the duckie planter she sent me.
She was always kind and helpful and never mean or gave a snarky comment. She will be missed. here's to you kind MaryAnn.


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Re: Weekend Open House

Calgon, I got hold of both Captain Charly and our close Friends, Ken and Kassie from the "old" HAL cruises. They were all shocked to hear about Sis.

Charles, thank you for the Open House and tribute to Mary Ann.