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Re: Weekend Open House

I will truly miss the telephone ringing and having Mary Ann giving me a brief "hello" and immediately asking to speak to Joey. On the morning we lost Mary Ann, Joey began to fuss uncontrollably, and has done it off and on since then. I finally had a talk with him yesterday and told him that he could talk with Mary Ann anytime he wanted now and she could hear him without the telephone. No more fussing! She often sent him cashews, sunflower seeds, and a special non-fried corn chip so it would "be better" for him. When I told her that we had all those things here, she replied "but it wouldn't be from me". Can't argue with that! By the way, if anyone an extra corn chip at Open House, he would like one. Bandit and Cocoa aren't even interested in digging today, and are happy to sit quietly and listen, and thank her once again for their coats and sweaters. Charles, Leon would like a fruit punch if you have some and I'm going to stay with my Chocolate Banana. I'll leave an extra one on the table if Mary Ann should decide to fly down and take a sip.

When I spoke with her last week to thank her for my chocolate covered strawberries, she was so embarrassed that she had missed my birthday by one day. As if it matters! Even though I have only known Mary Ann for a couple years, I have never had a better friend and I'll miss those weekly (at least) calls. She was the big sis I never had, and we decided almost immediately that we would be be family, as neither of us had many relatives. I would have done anything in the world for her, and I know the feeling was mutual. She wanted a piece of my counted cross stitch, but would never tell me what she wanted, so I chose a sampler designed by another good friend of mine. The quotation was "On earth, let my example shine" and I truly believe it has. Cruise on, Mary Ann.....we'll always miss you.


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Re: Weekend Open House

Judi, I'm glad that you were able to reach Charley.

Charles, thank you so much for the open house to honor Mary Ann. I'm sure that she would be pleased to have so many attend. The furbabies and I are also headed in. Thank you again.


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Re: Weekend Open House

Calgon, I got hold of both Captain Charly and our close Friends, Ken and Kassie from the "old" HAL cruises. They were all shocked to hear about Sis.

Charles, thank you for the Open House and tribute to Mary Ann.

Judi, Thank you. I was concerned, but, in the back of my feeble little mind, I was pretty sure one of the "plank holders" had done so ...


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Re: Weekend Open House

Joining in late as I was wallpapering all afternoon.......a glass of champagne would be perfect in this lovely place to have a tete a tete.

I was one who never got to meet Mary Ann and will always regret it. I've shared messages with her wondering where posters were or if someone had misunderstood a post and disappeared, but never got beyond that, yet, I will really miss seeing her post and joining in on one of the Ducky cruises.

Sailaway in peace and good memories, Mary Ann, as you will always be remembered in reverence as a golden cruiser-poster-sister-pet loving-friend here on C@ddicts. There won't be a sunset at sea where someone doesn't think of you and what you've left as a beam of sunshine in their life.


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Re: Weekend Open House

Charles, thank you for this gift of sharing stories and lovely memories of Mary Ann.

All this week I find myself seeing something that I want to share with her and then remembering I can't in our usual ways. Prior to social media, when a loved one passed, they were gone. But I still see Mary Ann and Brucie on my FaceBook and in my emails and on my cell phone, and while it is sad to see them, it is still a lovely reminder of how much a part of my life both of them were.

After I found Asha I posted quite a bit about her, and Mary Ann being Mary Ann adopted her as her second mother. As my postings waned, I would get phone calls from Mary Ann... "Is Asha OK? Because you haven't posted for days..." Those calls always made me laugh.

This is a pic Mary Ann sent me when I had posted a pic of myself at 27... she is 21 in this picture, such a beautiful lady inside and out. Good bye my sweet friend.

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Re: Weekend Open House

* sigh *

Where to begin? For Pat and I, it was shortly after our first cruise (together), in March of 2000. For the life of me, I can't place it, but ws back in the earlier C@ days. Before "The Crash". We had just "discovered" Holland America and I was doing my usual, over the top, babbling. Post after post. Before I knew it, Mary Ann had found (another) kindred spirit and (althougC we didn't know it, two more D.I.T.s were hatched! With hundreds, if not thousands of postings, our friendship was forged in iron.

We booked many cruises through Mary Ann, but it wasn't until September, 2009, that we finally managed to break our calendars open when there was a Duck Cruise. At one point, I referred to Mary Ann as "Queen Quack". She laughed and said, "Well then, I suppose that would make you my court jester, wouldn't it?"

While I enjoyed the camaraderie of the Queen-Jester role, and all the silliness that goes with being a member of the Duck Crew, it was getting to know Mary Ann that was the greatest gift. Over time, directly and indirectly, Pat and I came to realize just how absolutely caring, generous and unselfish this lady is. True, she did not suffer fools lightly, but she (thankfully) did distinguish between fools and class-clowns.

The acts of kindness she effected, the hearts she has touched, and the spirits she has lifted are beyond measure.

I've said (posted) it before; but, "
Thank you God for sharing your beautiful child with us. Event though the time was too short, we will always to keep her memory going. The years will pass, voices may fade and even recall eventually fails. But, even then, Mary Ann F. Rizzo will live"

Now, I'll step down from the pulpit, dry my eyes (yet again) and offer a toast,

Ladies and Gentlemen; Drakes and Hens, D.I.T.s, and all ...
Please raise your glasses high ...

"Here's to us; and those like us ... Damned few left ... TO MARY ANN !"

This post did me lovely and so much tears......but still brings a smile in knowing the love that is shared.


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Re: Weekend Open House

I wasn't able to be here today during the open house but am reading all of the lovely posts. We are all so lucky to have had Mary Ann in our lives, no matter the degree, but that she touched us in some way is well.......wonderful. Still seems strange that she isn't physically with us to post, but at least she is still with us in spirit, that is what I choose to believe. She is now sailing on a cruise without end, with calm winds and following seas.

I read that some of her favorite crew members were notified of her untimely passing, I hope they are able to find some comfort in their time of grief as well. Also, I hope we hear of Pucci's adjustment to his new forever home....we all know how much they loved each other.....much like Conniecat and her kitties.......still cannot think about this without dabbing my eyes.

May MaryAnn rest in peace, along with all those that have gone before her, much too soon. I hope to carry their spirit with me, along with all of my family and friends that have gone on ahead of me to guide me in the days I have ahead. I hope I honor them all in some way.


J.E. M.

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Re: Weekend Open House

DW and I were lucky enough to sail with Mama Duck on the 2009 Alaska Duck Cruise, what an honor. I raise by glass in memory of our friend Mary Ann, she will be missed.

Jim & Claire


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Weekend Open House - Part 2

Good morning everyone,

We are continuing our memories of Mary Ann by gathering here:

This is only about 40 feet away from where we were yesterday. So, sit where it is best for you.

Lots of food is available, plus coffee, latte, cappuccino, tea, juices, and bloody Mary's and mimosas. Sit back, enjoy, and bask in the memory of Mary Ann. Of course, furry and feathered ones are welcome.

What may I bring you?


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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

THank you Charles for having another Open House in memory of Mary Ann.

Lovely place.

I'll have a glass of ice water.

Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Hi everyone,

Grandpa got me up early so that I can help with the fuzzies. Nice place! Too much water. But lots of places to explore.



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Re: Weekend Open House

Thank you Charles for hosting this celebration of Mary Ann's life.
Its the perfect spot & so beautiful just like Mary Ann. I know my life is better for having know her.
Every time I look up as I sit her at my computer I remember her with this beautiful duck planter she sent when I had my 1st emergency surgery in 2009, the 1 that caused me to miss the duck crew cruise to Alaska. I am even sader about missing that cruise now because I wont get a chance to cruise with Mary Ann.
I will also think of Mary Ann when I cruise & have an easier time getting around with my travel scoot.
I have enjoyed all the pictures people have posted today & agree with all the beautiful words that everyone have posted.
Mary Ann you will be missed. Sail on my friend.


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Re: Weekend Open House

Thanks to Jacquie, Seamom, Virginia , Glo, Michelle, Jim, and Jan for coming and sharing.

And a big HI to Pepper!



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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Another nice spot Charles...I am sure Mary Ann would approve! I'll have a nice warm latte this cool morning. Horhei, Georgie, Louie and Henry are all ready to visit with you and the rest of the fur kids.


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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

I was on my way with a quart of ice cream, but I ate it along the way. :(

Beautiful location, Charles. For now, Frasier and I will just enjoy a nap on one of the loungers.

connie seabee

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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Charles you choose another great place for us to enjoy and pay tribute to Maryann. It's just beautiful. I'll have a cup of coffee with a muffin please.

Lisa, that Ice Cream must have been delicious being you ate the WHOLE thing. lol