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Shipmaven's Obituary

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by Charles, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Whimsy

    Whimsy Well-Known Member

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Good morning. Charles, thank you so much for hosting open houses this weekend where we can gather together to remember Mary Ann. You have picked such beautiful places this weekend to honor her memory. It was always a weekend delight to come to open house and escape the heat or cold weather, the stress of everyday and let our minds wander to a beautiful place that Mary Ann picked for us. Her and Pucci were the consummate hosts to all of us, 2 footed, 4 footed or feathered.

    Zsa Zsa and Peanut are both here with me today. They are so happy that Pucci has found a new home but they sure are going to miss romping with him and all the fur and feather babies at open house and getting scritches from Aunt Mary Ann and others. Zsa Zsa loves her bed that Aunt Mary Ann sent her. She snuggles in it here in the office while I work or play on the computer. Mary Ann's love of Pucci and sharing stories and photos were a big part of rekindling my heart to find another furbaby.

    As for myself, I'll have a double cappuccino in honor of Mary Ann this morning. It's the way she liked to start her mornings here at open house and even though I gave up specialty coffee drinks for lent I will make an exception this morning for this special occasion and raise my cup in her memory.

    I didn't have the opportunity to meet Mary Ann in person. A duck cruise was always on my "bucket list". Sadly, I'll never be able to cross that one off my list. Many of you knew Mary Ann very closely and you are the lucky ones. She touched so many lives in so many ways. She certainly was a woman who's care stretched across the miles and brought smiles, comfort, joy or a laugh to so many of us. I began to know Mary Ann thru this board and then began booking cruises thru her shortly after. I never had a Grandmother but God has sent Fairy Godmothers to me in many forms since I was born late in life after they were gone and never knew the specialness of a Grandmother. Maybe it's my Grandmothers that bring these fairies to me...

    Mary Ann was my Fairy Godmother of cruises. Every single time I stepped into my room after boarding there were special things from Fairy Godmother Mary Ann and His Highness Pucci. When I told her over 2 years in advance I wanted to look forward to turning 50 instead of dreading it and decided I was going to sail into my 50's she took charge and gave me the cruise and birthday of a lifetime. She knew how happy I was that Ashley was joining us on this cruise and she took extra special care of us so Ashley and I could make some special memories. My friends were all pleased as they found things in their rooms from the Fairy Godmother of cruising too. The night of my birthday she arranged a special birthday cake and it was over the top. I have never seen a cake like that on any other cruise for anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary. It was the most beautiful birthday cake I have ever had and I truly felt Blessed that night as I looked at my family by my side and my friends sailing with me and knowing that Mary Ann had helped make that magical night for us. Yes, we could of booked with anyone or did it ourselves but she always had a way of sprinkling that magic cruise dust and making your cruise extra special. I also enjoyed calling her with my appreciation and excitement after we boarded and I couldn't wait till our return to call her and share our sailings with her. I hope I was always able to convey my appreciation for all she did for us.

    During this past year I went thru some very hard and emotional changes in my life and Mary Ann reached out to comfort me. She always seemed to know when I was the saddest and once again, my Fairy Godmother made me smile and felt like someone cared about me. Reaching thru the miles Mary Ann touched my heart and I'll carry her spirit in me everyday from the examples of kindness she show to everyone and every creature. I miss you already Mary Ann but I know that someday I'll join up with you and all those that have gone before me. Somehow I have a feeling you'll be heading up God's welcome committee and have the perfect spot picked out with all my loved ones waiting for me by the beautiful sea. When they say 'What took you so long' I'll just give you a smile as you will understand that there were a lot of places I had to see and miles to go before I could join you all. I'll be sure to share all those adventures with you as we linger over a beautiful sunset and a drink in hand. Sail on my friend....
  2. suer182

    suer182 Forum Manager Staff Member

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    I'll join TC in a mimosa.
  3. H2O babe

    H2O babe Well-Known Member

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Mary Ann would always offer me a fabulous orange tea and that's what I'll have this morning to honor her.

    The Canada/New England cruise that Mary Ann arranged for us last June remains one of my favorites. We were celebrating both sons having college degrees from the University of Minnesota and the oldest's 25th birthday while on board. I will always remember the night of Nick's birthday. Mary Ann had arranged for us to eat in the specialty restaurant on the Maasdam, something none of us had ever done on a cruise. I encouraged the boys to try something they'd never had and Nick ordered his first Porterhouse steak. He was very impressed! We had little cabin gifts and cabin credits as well, compliments of Mary Ann. I reminded my family often that my cruise addict friend, Mary Ann, was reponsible for many of these things. The boys couldn't comprehend someone being so nice to a person they'd never even met in real life. Well, they obviously didn't know Mary Ann.

    At Christmas last year I sent her a card with pictures of the boys on board the Maasdam. I wanted her to know how appreciative I was for all she did to make our family cruise so memorable. Truly a woman with a huge heart, a sharp mind, and a wealth of people who adored her. She won't be forgotten.

  4. KathyC

    KathyC Well-Known Member

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Charles, another lovely spot. Shipmaven would definitely approve! I'll be bringing Max & Maggie with me today. Think we will take 1 of the loungers in the shade for a day of rest, relaxation, & of remembering a very special person.
  5. sage

    sage Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting this link Judi.
  6. Whimsy

    Whimsy Well-Known Member

    Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful woman she was. Love the little duck on her shoulder and the poodle pin.
  7. sage

    sage Well-Known Member

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Charles you have picked the perfect location for our gathering this morning to remember Mary Ann. I have all three furbabies, and Chloe insisted on bringing a basket of treats for all the other furbabies as well. Lilly has also brought enough balls for all those interested. May I have a cup of tea and sit and visit with the other friends that are gathered?
  8. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Cant focus this morning. Even with a paper and pencil.

    Let's see. Hello to Audrey, Maw, Korina, and Marie.

    Big HI's to Lulu again---that's a pretty picture, Moon, Serena, Blue, Zsa Zsa, and Peanut!

    Beverages ae on their way. coffee, earl grey,cranberry juice,and a double cappuccino.

  9. Tobyn

    Tobyn Well-Known Member

    Thank you Judi for the link and the wonderful photo.
  10. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Morning All,

    Just got in from church. Mary Ann was prominent in my thoughts and prayers all week, but today sepecially. One week. Hard to imagine, isn't it? A week I never wanted to experience, and one I hope I never have to go through again ...

    I love the venues you chose Charles. Thinking (there I go, getting in trouble again ...); when we get to Hawai'i, perhaps some of the Ducks can swing by these places in real-time and get a photo, or two, raising our glasses to Mama Duck?

    I'll have a capuccino, please. Aw, what the heck, let's make it a "Mama Duck Special" ( a double-cap - caffiene doesn't affect me ... much ). Cody is off looking for any left over ice-creams. SunFlower could use little wine (something with a cranberry base, if possible). Thanks.

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2012
  11. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Hi to Suer, Kay, Kathy, and Sage.

    Big HI's to Max, Maggie, Chloe, Lilly, and ?

    A Mimosa, orange tea, another Earl Grey coming right up.

  12. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Hi Calgon. A double cappuccino is coming right now,

    A Big HI to Cody.

  13. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    Thank you Judi!
  14. kpopperwell

    kpopperwell Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Thank you, this is the perfect place to raise a glass to honor Mary Ann. I almost got to meet her last year. She was due to sail out of San Pedro and I was going to go to the hotel that night before the cruise. Unfortunately she fell and hurt her leg and had to cancel. We were to meet on the next cruise out of San Pedro. Life is too short.

    I would like a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer. Can't stay too long as I must get to work.
  15. J.E. M.

    J.E. M. Well-Known Member

    Thanks for keeping us posted.
  16. Beryl

    Beryl Trivia Specialist

    Hugs Judy...and thank you!
  17. Hooked

    Hooked Well-Known Member

    Re: Weekend Open House

    What a gret job Charles. I'm so very sorry I missed this yesterday.. I guess A I checked in too early.
  18. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    good morning K. I hope you have a good day at work.

    coffee is coming right up.

  19. Hooked

    Hooked Well-Known Member

    Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

    Another great choice Charles. I think I'll just sit and sip a bloody Mary and remember.
  20. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    Sitting in the JAX airport. We still cannot believe our loss of Mary Ann.

    Calgon, thanks for the phone mssg. I just checked my home phone.

    We had a wonderful two weeks aboard the Ruby, just like Mary Ann would have wanted us to. But, our hearts, just like all of you, are broken.

    May you rest in peace sweet lady, may you rest in peace.

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