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Oh Mary Ann I'am so sorry that you are having such a nasty time with those knees & back.
I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers & hope you get some answers after all these tests.

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..I see I shall have to ring you this weekend..and get a more up to date technical Prognostic DX and and Treatment..Smooches, Hugs and Love from Mark and I......sigh.......this carousel has to stop whipping around soon......:(


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Well - the report is in from the nuclear scans. No infection anywhere, thank goodness, including the *$&% knee. So, I asked my primary physician, whom I hold up on a pedestal, if we can do an MRI of the knee. He consulted the radiologist - no, the prosthesis would interfere with satisfactory imaging. So - my doctor is just as frustrated as I about finding an answer regarding the knee itself. But I AM exceedingly grateful that there's no infection, and thank you for your prayers and good thoughts.

I see the pain management specialist tomorrow, and go back to the surgeon Jan. 19th.

Jacquie - I used to get spinal epidurals, and then we changed to Kenelog injections that produced the same effect in a MUCH simpler manner - intramuscular injection in my arm.


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Thank God Mary Ann that you don't have an infection. I know how frustrated you still must be that you don't have answers though. You continue in my prayers.


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GREAT news there is no infection. As you look at pain management, don't be shy of looking "outside the box." There are many ways to manage pain that pain management doctors don't or won't consider, for many reasons. Some I am sure are related to drug and insurance companies...

Hope you find something that works for you soon.


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Sorry to hear you've had to go through all of this Mary Ann but so glad it wasn't an infection. Now I hope they can get down to the bottom of it soon and get you well on your way to some comfort. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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I was so glad to hear that you did not have infection and I hope they ca get to the bottom of the problem real soon. HUGS and of course prayers on the way


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Mary Ann - I am relieved to read that there is no infection and I hope that pain management can do something to help you! Chronic pain really is the pits and the fact that you have dealt with this for years means that it is past time for some relief for you! Can't have anything as silly as a pesky knee problem interfere with your enjoyment of your cruises & your life!

I will be thinking of you every day and hope that you get some good recommendations. Glo makes a really valid point to look outside the regular and try anything if it will help.

If you do end up having to have more surgery then I will pray that you have an easier recovery and some real relief from the pain.




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Mary Ann, I always **forget** to check the Safe Harbor, so just found this. I, too, am relieved it is not an infection. I hope the drs. get a light bulb brain idea and can offer you an easy solution. :scratch:


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Mary Ann, I have been busy and haven't been able to check here lately so am now just seeing all what you have been going thru. I am glad you don't have an infection but do hope they find out what is going on and are able to help you. Take care and please keep us updated.

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Just catching up -- I forget about this section.

Mary Ann -- hope things will get better.

Now I know that I don't want to get my knees replaced.


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I'm guess I'm guilty of forgetting this thread, too! :smile:

I'm relieved there's no infection, but we still have no cause for my leg problems. I'll find out on Wednesday the results of the MRI's I had last week.

Yonnie - if you were to need a knee replacement, don't automatically cross it off. Yes, I'm having post-op problems but the vast majority do not, and find great relief from the replacements.


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I think of others, and forget about me. Thank you for asking.

The MRI's showed nothing that I/we didn't already know - spinal stenosis, some severe, in the cervical and lumbar spine with some bulging discs. Whether or not that causes weakness in my legs is still up for discussion. Pain Management Specialist was going to give me a spinal epidural, but then it was decided between him and my Primary Physicial that the latter would continue to give me Kenalog shots every so often, and I was given the shot Monday.

My Primary Physician wanted to consult with a Specialist at a teaching hospital, and has been in touch with an Orthopedic Specialist at UCLA. Certain records were FedEx'd there yesterday. Don't know if I'll need a quick trip to L.A. or not.

Monday, my right knee is being aspirated with a culture taken, then I have an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon here a week from tomorrow.

So, still a lot of nothing as far as mobility improvement. But I keep reminding myself that there are so many who are far worse off than I.

Again, thank you for asking.


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Mary Ann - I hope that they can find the cause of your pain/mobility problem and more importantly that they have a solution for it. The aspiration sounds uncomfortable and I hope that helps - either by highlighting the problem or helping with the pain.

You are a trooper - just keep carrying on, thinking more about others than yourself!

I am sending you good thoughts & soft hugs and hope that you can get some relief soon!



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Meg - thank you so much for your kind words. {{{Hugs}}} back, and YOU stay well.

I'll post once I know something - probably around 10 days.