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Gees, it never gets easier, does it? I'm sorry you are going through this. Kiefer says he hopes that you are dancing around soon. I second that! Let us know how it goes.


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Glo, Yonnie and Charles - thank you. I know there are those who are far worse off than I (I just think of poor KathyC and her DH), but it's frustrating to be told that there's nothing wrong.

My Primary Physician, who is a real sweetie, heard back from the specialist at UCLA yesterday evening, and who said everything looks "perfect". My doctor went back and questioned him. I know the prosthetics are fine, but something is causing the continued knee pain. I was ready to explode.

Monday, my right knee is being aspirated and a culture taken. We're now waiting to see if the culture will reveal anything. I go back to my Ortho Surgeon a week from today. I think I had better take some "duck tape" with me to put over my mouth if I hear another word that nothing's wrong!

Again, thank you!


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Mama Duck, would you like for all of us to get together and QUACK at them?????? If we quacked long enough and loud enough, maybe they would do everything in their power to find something to do, if for no other reason than to stop the quacking. Just a thought....


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Mama Duck, when the surgeon sits down on that little stool and rolls over next to you ... Reach down and grab a handfull. Let him know, "If he makes your pain go away, you'll do the same!"

[size=+4]QUACK !!![/size]


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Shipmaven - how frustrating!! I hope soon you are relieved of your pain. Nothing else to say, everyone else has said it, I like Calgon's solution! ;)

Take care (((HUGS)))


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MaryAnn, it's very hard to be in pain and not be able to get to the cause and correct it. I hope they find out what is making you hurt and fix it soon. When you are hurting it affects everything in your life. (((HUGS)))


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I am with Calgon! :bigsmile:

Mary Ann - Just keep asking and make them get to the bottom of it. I had to do this in 2006 for a different condition, even got hospitalized twice to show that what was happening to me was truly happening. By being persistent I got the doctors to acknowledge that I was one of the 2% of people who get this rare complication.

I am hopeful that if you keep at them they will find out why you are having continued pain and that they will come up with a solution. A loss of mobility and pain are nothing to be ignored!

Scritches and big cuddle for Pucci!



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Oh Mary Ann, so sorry to read that you are still dealing with this. Hope the next test goes better. Huggs to you and Pucci.