Shore excursion advice


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Leaving in less than 2 weeks on the Legend. Yea! Honeymoon and can't wait.First time with a Balcony.
The itenerary is Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Isle Roatan,and Beleze. So the questions are,

In the Caymans which excursion to Sting Ray City, Captain Marvins (which I used about 8 years ago) or Stingray Sailing ( their add sounds a little more personable).

Would like want to se some ruins, so which Island for this and the best tour to use.

The wife to be is really wanting to do a Dolphin swim thing.I see that a couple of the locations have these and there prices vary greatly. I want to make sure she really gets to interact with the doplhins up close, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

And last when I was at Cozumel the last time I went to Chakanub park(probably misspelled that) and snorkled on my own which was good but any suggestions for a better place would be great.

We are both all about being in or on the water and enjoying the crystal clear blue that we don't get to see here in Ohio.

Looking forward to reading all replies.
Thanks, Mike
The boat that I have gone on is called the Buccaneer and it as an awesome trip. What i find with Stingray city trips (i've been more that 20 times to stingray city and the sandbar as I have lived in Cayman for almost 10 years) is that the boat you go on will make or break your day. What you want is a boat that has lots of space and if you can go under sail, then you don't have the noise and smells of the engines on power boats.
Sailing catamarans are fabulous. You can relax as you sail out across the north sound. Once at stingray city, the entrance to the water is great as there are steps to walk down, not a ladder.
I hve found the best rates on Caribbean Shore Tours the Shore Excursions Guide in the Caribbean
The cruise ships always inflate their rates, and i hve called some places directly on the island and have never found cheaper rates that what I have paid on caribbean shore tours.