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shore excursions-europe

Discussion in 'Europe' started by katie, May 6, 2004.

  1. katie

    katie Guest

    Dose anyone have a recommendation for private shore excursion companies in LE Havre, Vigo, Barcelona,and Cadiz/Seville?

  2. jeffpcox

    jeffpcox Guest

    I don't know of any but what cruise you going on. We are going to some of those ports on our cruise on 5/31 ms Westerdam...

  3. katie

    katie Guest

    We are going on the Royal Princess on September 4 from Southampton. Any ideas?
  4. david2000

    david2000 Guest

  5. usavvy2

    usavvy2 Guest

    Karen -
    did you receive my email requesting info about sharing a tour on 15 September? We are also on the Royal Princess.

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