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Okay, I'm looking for some opinions here, especially from folks who have taken this itinerary before...

We're on the Celebrity Millennium August 2 and I just found all of the shore excursions finally up on the website...

Now, we've been to most of these ports before (everywhere but Santorini and Dubrovnik), but it's been somewhat of a long time...9 years since we were in Barcelona or Nice/Monaco, 21+ years on the rest...

My general opinion on Shore Excursions is that , if it's merely a matter of saving a few dollars (like within 25% of the cost or so), I'll go with the ship's excursion since they stand behind it, won't strand you, it avoids confusion and you share it with fellow passengers...I generally like to use the full day in port and don't like to do a half day unless it leaves you in town and it's easy to get back to the ship on your own...

Anyway, the following seem to be my top choices in each port based on the descriptions. If anyone's been on these or have an opinion, I'd really appreciate as much input as I can get. Thanks.

Dubrovnik, port from 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
First choice as of now: Seaside Resort of Cavtat & Dubrovnik--4 Hours 15 Minutes--$46.00--tour of Dubrovnik with added visit to neighboring resort town
Second choice: Panoramic Dubrovnik--3 Hours 45 Minutes--$38.00--Sounds a lot like the first without the side trip to Cavtat...
There's also one that visits the town of Ston...

Corfu, Greece 7:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
1) Paleokastritsa, Lakones, Kassiopi, Nissaki & Kerkyra--7 Hours 30 Minutes--$90.00--Covers pretty much the whole island
2) Achilleion Palace, Paleokastritsa & Old Town--4 Hours 30 Minutes--$43.00

Piraeus (Athens), Greece 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
1) Argolis Region With Lunch--10 Hours--$99.00--Lots of archaelogical sites, Mycenae, etc. but no Acropolis/Parthenon
2) Athens Sightseeing--4 Hours 30 Minutes--$50.00--Acropolis/Parthenon

Santorini, Greece 7:00 a.m. 11:59 p.m.
1) Akrotiri (Prehistoric) Museum & Santorini Island With Wine Tasting--3 Hours 30 Minutes--$56.00--
2) Village Of Oia & Santorini Island--3 Hours 30 Minutes--$56.00--

Naples, Italy 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
1) Pompeii, Sorrento--10 Hours--$177.00--also includes visit to Capri
2) Taste of Sorrento & Excavation of Pompeii--8 Hours 45 Minutes--$142.00----no Capri

Cvitavecchia (Rome), Italy 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
1) A Walk in Renaissance Rome--9 Hours 30 Minutes--$128.00--includes visits to Piazza Navonna and Trevi...I love those places
2) Imperial Rome--10 Hours 30 Minutes--$148.00--Forum, Coliseum
3) A Taste Of Rome--9 Hours 30 Minutes--$99.00--limited tour, time on your own

Livorno(Florence/Pisa)Italy 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
1) Florence & Pisa--10 Hours--$157.00--Been to Florence twice, love it, but want to do something different at least in part...not sure how much of tour is spent in Pisa
2) Tuscan Countryside - San Gimigano & Volterra--9 Hours 45 Minutes--$145.00--Would be different, I'm sure

Villefranche, (Nice), France 7:00 a.m. 11:59 a.m.
1) Best Of The French Riviera--8 Hours 30 Minutes--$152.00--Cannes and St. Paul de Vence
2) Nice, Eze & Monaco--8 Hours 30 Minutes--$155.00--

Barcelona, Spain 7:00 am
1) City of Barcelona--4 Hours--$35.00--We have the day here on the overnight, back on the ship for the night, then two nights in a hotel...not crucial to do any tour, but since we've never had a guided tour here and it's only $35 a piece, why not?

Love to hear everyone's opinions. Thanks.

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We used a private limo company from Naples to Pompei and the Amalfi coast. The hours of beginning and ending the excursion were at our complete discretion.We had time to stop also in Positano,impossible stop using bus tour.This tour was the highlight
of our cruise.Excellent.


We did similar trip last year but with P&O on the "Aurora". Would suggest the Cavtat and Dubrovnik trip Cavtat very picturesque and lovely visit for photography expected to see signs of the previous war but everything is repaired and no signs of the troubles. Dubrovnik was also excellent a walk around the walls of the city is great although this cost and extra charge but only a couple of pounds so it was well worth the cost. My wife and I also found an excellent bar, other end of town from the main gate turn right at the main square and church then through what looks like a small hole in the city wall. There was a small bar perched on the rocks outside the walls with brilliant views (We could have sat their all day).

Corfu is quite cheap and not too large - Therefore it would be better to get a Taxi to get you around (Make sure you agree a price first though). Have a look at the website

Pireaus - Athens if quite good if you want to see the Acropolis. If they are doing a trip through the Corinth Canal that would also be a good choice.

Naples - Either of the tours you mention are good. However, it could possibly be better getting a Limo or Taxi to take you around (Again agree a price first) as Barry said. this way you could choose what you want to see. Keep an eye on the time though for returning to the ship.

Santorini - Never been there but was told by a friend that he enjoyed just walking around the island.

Cvitavecchia - It is easier and cheaper to get the Train to Rome and do your own thing , But again check the train times they have an habit of cancelling some !

Livorno - We only spent about 2 hours in Pisa it was nice to see as indeed was Florence, but unless you want to see more ove these then If you have the choice of a tour of Tuscany I can say that the country side and visits well worth it.

Villefranche - Is a nice town and unless you really want a tour, it is cheap and quick to get the train to Monaco which is quite an exciting place to visit

Barcelona - Has some interesting places to visit, which you can do by yourself, but as you say it is very cheap so what the heck.

My only advice is to remember that tours usually include entrance fees to various Palaces, Churches etc... etc... and also a meal if it is a full day tour. So it is still worth considering the tours.

What every you do enjoy your cruise and tours as I am sure you will.

Best Regards


The ship's tours for Rome and Florence are way overpriced compared to what I found on this website:

Read about them on cruisecritic where a lot of people seem to raving about them. You can go to "Find" on that site and search for the posts about them. Their website has a cruise comparison pricing and for Rome it is something like 75% savings compared to the ship!!! These are even private tours. I have contacted them--seem friendly, very helpful. Good luck.


We have done similar trips but went ashore on our own. Must cheaper any very easy to do. Especially to Rome and Naples.
From Port to Rome by train is 45 minutes, in Naples you can walk into the city but to pompei ou take a cab ( negociatable) direct from the port


Just got back from the QE2 tour of the Western Med and feel strongly about one tour in particular. We took the ship's Barcelona city tour, which was fine, but later purchased tickets for the Barcelona sightseeing buses that go all over the city. You can get on and off at any point, stay for as long as you need at that stop, then get back on. It was 15 Euro per person for a day (with some other pricing options for multiple days), and the driver provides (in English) an explanation of the points of interest. The stops were frequent and on time. Both my husband and I much preferred the sightseeing bus to the ship's option, since it was cheaper, went to more places, and was easy to use.


See the original writer has already completed their trip, but for those of you going in the future:
Barcelona -
I would take the Barcelona city tour especially with any thing that will show you the buildings , etc of Gaudi. You should read up a little on Gaudi and you will be impressed with his work - this should take 1/2 day. There is much you can do on foot. Go to the top of the Christopher Colombus statue close to the harbor - The entrance is in the basement and the top is crowded (small), but the view for pictures is outstanding!
Dubrovnik -
If you tender in you will be right outside the city walls and the main shopping streets.
As someone else said there are many nice shops and bars. You can walk around the old town wall and get many great pictures.
If you dock in the harbor it is a short ($5 or so) taxi ride to the city. The bar/gift shop where the taxi will probably let you off has a large garden with great sea views.