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Shore excursions



What excursions would you recommend for Juneau? Also, we're going to have a stop in Icy Strait. Any excursions worth doing there?


Juneau has lots of tours such as whale watching and there is the Glacier with related tours. We take the city bus around the big loop just for a tour of the valley. The tram is also right on the dock almost.

Icy Point. If you have never seen a cannery it will keep you occupied for a few hours. Right on the dock.
Take the bus into Hoonah and see a real northern town. There is really not much there but that is the good part.
AND the worlds longest Zip line awaits your screams.
Whale tours are very successful here also.


It's rather pricey but I would recommend a helicopter glacier landing. We did the Pilot's choice helicopter glacier tour. You land on two different glaciers - the glacier selections are up to the pilot and he knows which ones would be the better to see that particular day - and get to walk a bit. Our pilot did a marvelous job - he knew a lot as he worked for a geological survey company prior to his pilot job in Alaska.
On our second landing, we had champagne.


There's a company called Shoretrips.com that has a great variety of tours for all the port calls in Alaska. Check them out.